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Regina B. Grantham
Professional Studies Building Main office: Room 2201 Cortland, NY 13045
Phone: 607-753-5423
Fax: 607-753-5940

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Course Detail

SHH 370 - Articulation and Language Disorders

Disorders of articulation/phonology and language are explored within a multicultural framework of normal patterns of acquisition and use.

Includes behavioral disorders, learning disabilities, delayed or limited cognitive development, safety and accessibility issues of people with disabilities, physical, cognitive, and affective characteristics of persons with disabilities and the impact of culture and social economic status. Paper(s) requiring research using word processing and Internet access are required.

Prerequisites: SHH 270, 280 and 300.

(3 cr. hr.)

Frequency code A = offered every semester
Additional frequency code descriptions can be found in the Terminology Guide.