Grant Projects

  • The SMART & GOOD SCHOOLS INITIATIVE is a joint project of the Center for the 4th and 5th Rs and the Institute for Excellence & Ethics (IEE). It is engaged in research, development, trainings, and dissemination to build a network of Smart & Good Schools committed to the mission of developing performance character and moral character within an Ethical Learning Community.
  • CORTLAND CHILDREN'S MUSEUM offers interactive, hands on experiences in an environment where Cortland community members including parents, grandparents, caregivers, teachers, college students, youth and young children can be inspired to play and learn together across a variety of topics and in many ways.
  • The CENTER FOR THE 4TH & 5TH RS co-sponsors the Smart & Good Schools Initiative in partnership with the Institute for Excellence & Ethics ( The mission of a Smart & Good School is integrating excellence and ethics: developing performance character (doing our best work) and moral character (doing the right thing) within an Ethical Learning Community. The Smart & Good Schools Initiative hosts an annual K-12 Summer Institute, conducts on-site trainings, carries out research, publishes the excellence & ethics education letter, and creates programs (Power2Learn™ and Power2Teach™) that help schools implement the Smart & Good vision.

Technology Resources


What is Taskstream?

Taskstream – Is a required online data collection and portfolio system you will use during your degree process in the Childhood/Early Childhood Education majors.  The purchase or renewal can be completed two ways: Online by credit or debit card at or through a pre-ordered option prior to the end of the first week of classes each semester, from the SUNY Cortland Campus Bookstore.  For important first time purchase information see "Are there any registration factors I should be aware of before I register?" in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document at Taskstream

All Childhood/Early Childhood undergraduate and graduate students must maintain the subscription through their student teaching semester.  For further directions and information on additional Taskstream Information for the Childhood/Early Childhood programs go to Taskstream

Why Taskstream?

Taskstream has been the Childhood/Early Childhood NCATE and Portfolio system for the last seven years.  Although alternative systems can be used to create portfolios, such as SUNY Cortland Web or Blackboard, neither of these systems allow seamless personal student ownership that can be continued with exact same cost after your degree at SUNY Cortland is completed.   

Can Taskstream help teacher candidates gain employment?

Yes - Department alumni have been using their Taskstream portfolios to complete initial job applications, with great success.  Several teacher candidates noted the transition to Skype interviews with electronic portfolios last year has become a common interview process.  The use of Taskstream has helped our graduates to achieve online marketability in this fast-paced digital world with both efficiency and affordability. 

Who will help as I begin the required use of Taskstream?

Department Faculty - have been trained to complete the introductions to Taskstream in the key courses where the beginning submissions and use to Taskstream occur.  However, we recognize not all students have the same educational path so if you need help with a Taskstream requirement in a course that is beyond the instructors training they will direct you to the Childhood/Early Childhood Department Taskstream Coordinator – Chris Widdall at

When and how long do I need Taskstream?

Early Childhood (EDE) and Early Childhood with a Childhood (EDD) majors will be directed to purchase this during Early Childhood Block I courses.  EDE and EDD majors with transfer credit for these classes will purchase Taskstream in other education course they are required to take.  Childhood (EDC) will begin use in their Block I courses and Childhood Graduate students (MST) will be directed early in their program toward the purchase by a designated instructor.  All students in all Childhood/Early Childhood majors must maintain the Taskstream account through the student teaching experience.

Students are responsible for determining their own length of need and ensuring that their account does not expire before their student teaching semester is completed.

Are there any registration factors I should be aware of before I register?

YES - When registering you may use any password, username, or email you wish.  You will be requested to put in your C# for department data collection purpose but that is the only SUNY Cortland identifier you will be asked to use.  IMPORTANT:  When registering as you come to Step 3 of 7 Personal Information, under Organization Information please remember you are School of Education,  and then under Group Students, use Department CECE – This is very important.

What happens after I am enrolled?

All individual programs have specific Directed Response Folio (DRF) codes.  A professor in your program will have the correct code for you to begin your work and have access to additional templates and program material.  The DRF code is put into Taskstream only one time during your degree process as long as you do not allow expiration of Taskstream to occur.  You may also contact the Childhood/Early Childhood Taskstream coordinator at  Taskstream help WILL NOT have this information for you.

What happens if my account expires for a semester?

They have a policy of deleting all work if subscription goes beyond a three-month lapse of payment.  This means you would be responsible for recreating all your work from scratch, as you will be required to submit individual assignments and your portfolio over three semesters of your degree process (this can be four EDD students).  Please pay attention to all reminders from Taskstream about your account information and renewal deadlines.

What happens if I forget my username or password?

The system has a automatic help under the login boxes.  If you cannot regain access using these self help tools please contact Taskstream directly.  The Childhood/Early Childhood Taskstream coordinator or any SUNY Cortland technology help services have access or the ability to assist with this recovery process.  Taskstream is privately owned and therefore you must contact them directly with the Contact information page at

Additional Registration and Ownership Information.

Taskstream is not owned or operated by SUNY Cortland, they are an independent company. This means that after your required use at SUNY Cortland is completed, you continue to be the owner of the portfolio and can use this during your job search.  Several students have continued using Taskstream to complete their working portfolios during their Master’s program and tenure process.  

Prefer Not to Use or Do Not Have a Credit or Debit Card.

If you prefer not to purchase with a debit or credit card online the Taskstream subscription can be pre-ordered only prior to the end of the first week of classes each semester.  If you have missed the pre-order option and do not have a debit or credit card, please contact Chris Widdall at for information on how it may be purchased through an alternative money order process.  Course instructors will let you know if Taskstream use is required and who will assist you with that process if help is needed.

 For  further information contact:

Widdall, Christine L.
Childhood/Early Childhood Education
Education Building, Room 1244
Phone: 607-753-5528