Department Information

Kimberly Rombach, Chair and Professor
Education Building, Room 1241
Phone: 607-753-2706
Fax: 607-753-5976
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Course Detail

EDU 524 - Democracy and Social Education

This course will be conducted through research-based and self-reflective-oriented inquiry. Students will analyze and define democracy and social education in the context of American public schools. Students will confront the antidemocratic forces of greed, individualism, and intolerance in today's society and be challenged to implement the study of social education with the goal of social justice.

Students will be exposed to a theoretical and historical analysis of education and society. The course will also provide a practical analysis of classroom pedagogy and school organization.

(3 cr. hr.)

Frequency code B = offered at least once per year
Additional frequency code descriptions can be found in the Terminology Guide.