Department Information

Kimberly Rombach, Chair and Professor
Education Building, Room 1241
Phone: 607-753-2706
Fax: 607-753-5976
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Course Detail

ECE 479 - Integrated Curriculum Planning, Technology and Practicum

Advanced curriculum integration, planning and assessment, including technology infusion, analysis of teaching practices and differentiated instruction, to meet learning standards in all elementary content areas. Development and presentation of teaching portfolio and a 50-hour practicum in a pre K-6 classroom appropriate to the certification area with an experienced classroom teacher are required.

Prerequisites: ECE 315 (minimum grade of C) and ECE 332 (minimum grade of C); and ECE 431(minimum grade of C), which may be taken concurrently; and a 2.8 overall GPA.

(3 cr. hr.)

Frequency code A = offered every semester
Additional frequency code descriptions can be found in the Terminology Guide