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Fall Events

SUNY Cortland Biology Club


Fall Events Sponsored by the Biology Club

Bat-Rock TrophyBat-Rock Trophy won
this year by Team Geology
at the Eleventh Annual Biology-Geology Softball Game.

 Softball Gallery Photos

Team Darwin


Dr. Baroni

 October 17, 2012.  Dr. Timothy Baroni spoke on "Biodiversity of macrofungi in endangered tropical ecosystems:  What we do & don't know."  Dr. Baroni's talk was a part of the Brooks Museum Lecture Series.
October 18, 2012.  Dr. Brian Rivest talked about his research on "Thorny science in a changing world:  The effects of ocean acidification on fertilization success in starfish Acanthaster planci, a major predator of corals."


Dr. Rivest

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