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Dr. Rivest

Dr. RivestBrian R. Rivest, Professor

Office: 225 Bowers Hall
Lab: 232B  Bowers Hall
Phone: 607-753-2712


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Cornell University, B.S.
University of New Hampshire, M.S.
University of Washington, Ph.D.


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  • Principles of Biology II
  • Biological Sciences II
  • Marine Biology
  • Invertebrate Zoology


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Dr. Rivest is a marine invertebrate zoologist. His teaching responsibilities include non-majors introductory biology, Biological Sciences II for majors, and upper level courses in invertebrate zoology and marine biology. Dr. Rivest's research interests include reproduction and development in marine and aquatic invertebrates, particularly in gastropod mollusks. He also has worked with marine bryozoans and sea squirts. Dr. Rivest believes in the value of field experiences for all undergraduates, and has organized class trips to the coast of New England and to the Caribbean Sea. His marine biology class, which is offered every other year, involves a two-week trip in January to Jamaica or Belize. Students that have worked with Dr. Rivest in his research lab have gone on into careers in education, biomedical research, veterinary medicine, physical therapy, medicine and extension work.