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BIO 436

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BIO 436: Research Seminar

Catalog Description:  BIO 436 - RESEARCH SEMINAR
(O) Literature research and project design under the sponsorship of a faculty member. Fulfills prerequisite for BIO 438. Not open to second-semester seniors. May be substituted for BIO 319 but credit for both not permitted. Prerequisite: Junior biology major or consent of chair. (1 cr. hr.)
Frequency code O = offered occasionally
Additional frequency code descriptions can be found in the Terminology Guide.

Additional Information: This course is designed to primarily for Spring semester juniors planning to do research with a faculty member during their senior year.  Students will do library research and design their research project during this semester and will participate in seminar/discussion groups with other students doing research projects.  At the conclusion of the semester, the student will make a presentation describing the planned research project.