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BIO 405

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BIO 405: Conservation Biology

Photo of a field trip


Photo of a field trip

Catalog Description:  BIO 405 - CONSERVATION BIOLOGY
(S) Origin and preservation of biotic diversity, including species diversity, genetic variation and ecosystem variety. Not open to students with credit for BIO 505. Prerequisite: BIO 110-111 or 201-202. Lecture/Lab Hours: Two lectures, one three-hour laboratory/field trip. Fulfills: LASR. (3 cr. hr.)
Frequency code S = offered in spring
Additional frequency code descriptions can be found in the Terminology Guide .

 Additional Information This course develops the basic concepts of conservation biology, a rapidly growing discipline that uses a multidisciplinary approach for preserving Earth’s plant and animal species and the ecosystems on which they depend.  The course explores all aspects of biodiversity, including species, genetic, and ecosystem diversity.  The causes Photo of large rainbow troutof extinction, both past and present, are considered and various means to halt and reverse losses are emphasized, including habitat restoration and reintroductions.   

Classes and Field Trips: Many of the laboratories consist of field trips to local natural areas including Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge, Cayuga Lake Fish Ladder, and the College’s Hoxie Gorge property.  Staff of the NY State Department of Conservation and the US Fish and Wildlife Service describe the work they do on two field trips.  Data collected on these field trips are used in the class to develop the basic concepts of conservation biology.  Other laboratories and classroom work explore the techniques of population viability analysis, mark-release-recapture, restoration ecology, biodiversity patterns, metapopulations, and many other areas.