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BIO 401

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BIO 401: Invertebrate Zoology

Dr. Rivest with a student at the marine aquarium

Photo of Tube WormsCatalog Description:  BIO 401: INVERTEBRATE ZOOLOGY
(F-O) Functional morphology, life histories and evolutionary relationships of selected invertebrate phyla. Not open to students with credit for BIO 501. Prerequisite: BIO 111 or 202. Lecture/Lab Hours: Three lectures, one three-hour laboratory. Fulfills: LASR. (4 cr. hr.)
Frequency code F = offered in fall; O = offered occasionally
Additional frequency code descriptions can be found in the Terminology Guide 

Photo of Sea AnemoneAdditional Information Biology 401 is an upper level biology elective course designed to expose students to some of what is known about multicelled invertebrate animals.  This course is not simply an opportunity to learn about invertebrate diversity, but also about adaptation, evolution, reproductive patterns, and how invertebrates have provided many useful models for studying basic biological phenomena.  In lectures we introduce the concepts and material, while in lab we examine a wide range of material to enhance our understanding of invertebrate form and function.  Field trips and live animals are enjoyed when possible.