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BIO 301

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BIO 301: Anatomy and Physiology I

Photo of students in A & P Lab

Catalog Description:  BIO 301 - HUMAN ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY I
(F) Structure, function of human body; cells, tissues; skeletal, muscular, nervous systems. Primarily for health, physical education majors. May be applied toward biology major only by dual majors in biology and physical education, biology and health, or biology and athletic training. Lecture/Lab Hours: Two lectures, one two-hour laboratory. Fulfills: LASR. (3 cr. hr.)
Frequency code F = offered in fall
Additional frequency code descriptions can be found in the Terminology Guide .  


Dr. StranevaDr. CurtisDr. GattoAdditional Information: This course is taught in the Fall by Drs. Gatto, Curtis and Straneva and the laboratories are held in Bowers Hall, Room 236.