Awards and Scholarships

The department awards three scholarships annually. These are based on merit and include

  • The Gerald DiGiusto Freshman Scholarship of $1,000, for an entering art major
  • The Gerald DiGiusto Senior Scholarship also of $1,000, granted to a junior in the spring semester to offset the next year's costs.
  • The D. Jo Schaffer award for achievement in Art History has recently been endowed.

The Gerald DiGiusto Visiting Artist and Lecturer Fund enables the department to bring top artists, critics, and art historians to campus to meet with students, lecture, create art, and conduct workshops.  

Finally, the unique relationship that exists between faculty and students distinguishes this department. The faculty not only provides a warm and open learning environment for students, but continues to help and mentor graduates in their next endeavors, graduate studies or careers in art and art-related professions.