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Exhibition Information

Students + Teachers (2013)

May 28-June 5, 2013

Students + Teachers

The Dowd Gallery is pleased to present Teachers + Students, which features artwork in a wide array of media by area art teachers and their selected 7th-12th grade students.  The initial aim of the exhibition was simply to provide both sets of artists the chance to display their pieces in a formal gallery setting.  However, the deliberate side-by-side placement of teacher and student work also offers viewers a unique opportunity to try to discern the influence of the mentors on their mentees.

Participating artists include: 
Cortland Junior Senior High School
Art Teacher C.J. Hodge and Students Lesley-Ann Dries, Gianna Marks and Hannah Whelan
Art Teacher Robin Jackson and Students Caitlin Dougherty, Lydia Polley and Elisabeth Sprague
Homer Junior High School
Art Teacher Lauren Flood and Students Brenden Haskins, Kala Johnson and Lucas Smith
Art Teacher Michelle Piotti and Students Brent McNeil, Kristen Rahner and Max Riley
Homer High School
Art Teacher Brian Wallace and Students Carly Dove, Alice Jenkins and Christine Stadler
Groton High School
Art Teacher Brookley Spanbauer and Students Alissa Bell, Brooke Jackson and Mikayla Perkins
Marathon Junior Senior High School
Art Teacher David Quinlan and Students Tyler Abbott, Melissa Deland and Brittnie Dougherty
Cincinnatus High School
Art Teacher Macksi Warner and Students Liz Golicki, Kassidy Kievit, Michael Klingenberg and April Rink

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