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New Media Design Portfolio Guidelines

B.A. New Media Design Major Admission Process

Thank you for your interest in SUNY Cortland's New Media Design major.

Incoming freshman and transfer candidates to the New Media Design major will need to complete a two-part process. The first part consists of sending an admissions application to the College. The second part consists of submitting a URL to your online portfolio. Please do not submit your portfolio until you have received a letter from admissions instructing you to continue to part two of your application. An email address will be provided at that time.

SUNY Cortland students interested in a change of major will also need to submit a portfolio to gain admission to the New Media Design program. Please contact the New Media Design faculty listed below for additional instructions and the email address to submit your online portfolio.

Online Portfolio Guidelines (B.A. in New Media Design)

The online portfolio should consist of images and an introductory essay. Please include 10 images of your best work to demonstrate quality and diversity of skills and creative concept development. The essay of no more that 500 words should include a description of individual works in the portfolio and acquaint us with your art interests to date, as well as your educational and career goals for the future. Submissions may consist of a website, blog, a photo gallery or a portfolio service for publishing your work online. The Art and Art History Department will take into consideration the presentation, organization, clarity and creativity of all portfolios submitted.

The department will review portfolios until the end of April for the fall term and December for the spring term, but with limited space available in the major we recommend that portfolios be submitted by Feb. 15 for the fall and Oct. 15 for the spring.

 For additional advisement, please feel free to contact the New Media Design faculty:

Martine Barnaby

Charles Heasley