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The Noyce program has made teaching science a reality for me. It has given me the drive to teach where I will be needed the most, at a high-need school, where motivating students and having them succeed will be the most rewarding.

-- Danielle Tutino, Noyce Scholar and future science teacher

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Become an Undergraduate Scholar

Science Lab

Science and math educators are in critical need across the country and in high demand in New York State.

Scholarship opportunities are available for 

  • Undergraduate SUNY Cortland science, technology, engineering, math (STEM) and economics majors:
    • Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, and Economics majors
  • Undergraduate SUNY Cortland Adolescence Education majors:
    • Adolescence Education Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Mathematics, and Physics majors
  • Transfer STEM or Economics majors

Eligibility and requirements

  • Full-time (12 UG credits/semester)
  • College junior or senior in standing
  • Declared major in STEM or Adolescence Education Math or Science
  • Minimum overall GPA of 2.85
  • US citizen, national, or permanent resident alien
  • Recipients are expected to teach in a qualified K-12 school for two years for every year of support received


We are currently applying for additional funding to support additional future math and science teachers. 

Did you know? The average GPA of SUNY Cortland Noyce Scholars is 3.7


Noyce Community: When you become a Noyce Scholar, you become part of a larger community of the best and brightest science and math educators around the country. The Noyce Scholarship has helped produce over 1,400 science and math teachers since 2002.

Mentor Program: Noyce Scholars are paired with mentors in their discipline to support them in their first years of teaching.

Special Funding: Noyce Scholars can apply for funds to attend regional conferences and/or to join professional societies.

Noyce Facebook: Noyce Scholars are invited to join the Noyce networking site on Facebook. Opportunities for Noyce Scholars (e.g., paid summer research experiences) and general educator discussions are posted.

Graduation Stoles: Noyce Scholars will receive special recognition Noyce graduation stoles to wear during graduation ceremonies.

Noyce Reception: A reception will be held in honor of current Noyce Scholars. Family members and significant others are invited to attend.