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A great way to improve your skills, learn new concepts, meet new friends, and have fun while doing so!
READ EACH DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY Programs are designed for specific grades and skill areas.
There are 2-day and 1/2 day programs available. (Links are Underlined in red

KNOW Your GRADE!  Grade = LAST grade COMPLETED!Summer Sun
2019=8th   2018=9th   2017=10th   2016=11th  2015=12th

   ~ Registration is Required -no 'Walk-ins'. Late registrants allowed if there is room.
   ~ Register ASAP. Some programs fill up quickly -wait lists will be started.
      If less than 10 have registered by 1-week prior, that workshop may be canceled.
~ Confirmation Letters–With Maps/Directions will be emailed to ALL who register. 
      If you Register but do NOT receive one, call us to be sure you are registered.

   ~ You may register up until the last minute, but call to be sure it isn't full/canceled.
   ~ There is NO CHARGE for any ACE summer program.    
   ~ Lunch  is provided at no charge for the 2-day programs ONLY,courtesy of ACE.
   ~ Start/End Times for Half-Day programs vary. Please note the times when you choose.

ONLINE SUMMER REGISTRATION -Once you have checked the descriptions below, you may register online. 
SUMMER PROGRAM CALENDAR  -An overview of summer program dates.

Lunch WILL be provided free, courtesy of ACE, for both days of each 2-day workshop ONLY
~ If you sign up for a 2-day session you MUST be able to attend EACH day of that workshop.

For students in 8th–10th  (Classes of '2019-2017')  
Students will engage in a variety of enjoyable activities to enhance their study skills and learning success.  Topics are: self-awareness; learning styles; time management; ways to organize ideas/notes, and test taking strategies.   

    • Wed-Thurs: July 15-16 at  TC3
      9:00 am -3:00 pm, Main Bldg. Rm. TBA

     Instructors: Sherry Tasselmyer  - Dryden School District
                        Brian Tasselmyer  - Cortland School District    

For students in 8th–10th  (Classes of '2019-2017') 
Students will develop and enhance their writing skills through a variety of interesting activities. Utilizing computers they will also produce a collection of writings. 

    • Tues-Wed: July 21-22 at  SUNY Cortland
      9:00 am -3:00 pm, Moffett Hall, Rm. 2125

     Instructors: Bill Lee, Edu. Dept. -SUNY Cortland and retired Eng. Teacher. -Cortland H.S.
                        Tentative: Sandie Lee, Reading Specialist - McGraw Schools

~ Lunch is NOT provided, however, students may bring money for vending machine snacks/drinks.
~ Start times and program lengths vary, be sure to note the differences.

 ACT Practice Test- New Revised Version
For all, but best for upper grades
ACE students will be given the opportunity to take the new ACT practice test for FREE!!!  In conjunction with Kaplan the ACE office will provide this date for students to take a practice test. What a great opportunity for students to get individual feedback from Kaplan on their performance. Optional for all grades, but best for 10th-11th (2017-2016).  

    • Tues. July 14 at SUNY Cortland
      8:15 am -12:00 pm, Professional Studies Bldg. Rm. 1170

    Proctored by:  Carol Clarke - ACE Coordinator

For students in 8th-9th (Classes of 2019-2018)   

This half-day morning session offers students an opportunity to begin the process of gaining power over their future. Students will explore career options based on their personal likes & dislikes. They will also play fun, interactive, learning games -all while goal planning, with an eye on college.   

    • Tues. July 28 at TC3 
      9:00-11:30 am, Main Bldg. Rm. TBA

    Instructor:  Cathy Doane - Candor School District

 SAT Practice Test
For all, but best for upper grades 

ACE students will be given the opportunity to take an SAT practice test for FREE!!! In conjunction with Kaplan the ACE office will provide this date for students to take a practice test. What a great opportunity for students to get individual feedback from Kaplan on their performance. Optional for all grades, but best for 10th-11th (2017-2016).    

    • Thurs. July 30 at SUNY Cortland
      8:15 am -12:00 pm, Professional Studies Bldg. Rm. 1170

    Proctored by:  Carol Clarke - ACE Coordinator

SCHOOL OF THOUGHT:  Sustainable Farming & Food Systems/"Farm to Bistro" Programs- at TC3
For all grades & Parents are welcome too.
~ Tour the Farm Facility and learn about TC3's innovative Concepts.

For all students -Parents are welcome to attend.  Program will cancel if less than 10 register.
Discover how these programs give college students hands-on experience in every aspect of the food-production system. TC3 operates its own 
organic farm while also supplying fresh, local produce to Coltivare; the College's downtown Ithaca culinary center and restaurant. The TC3 Farm is located adjacent to the College’s Dryden campus. In the near future, the farm will be run free of the commercial energy grid by using solar and geothermal technology instead. (The Farm program supports four degree programs at the College; Culinary Arts and Sustainable Farming and Food Systems which both started in 2014, as well as Wine Marketing and Hotel and Restaurant Management.)
~ The Sustainable Farming and Food Systems program emphasizes the practical skills it takes to manage a small, diverse farm, while giving broad exposure to the social and ecological issues of truly sustainable food production and distribution.
~ The Farm to Bistro program is unique in our region, and addresses a need for new specialists in organic farming, culinary arts, hospitality, and food and wine marketing.

ACE students will tour the farm facilities and may participate in farm work projects such as: Harvesting Vegetables for Sale, Inoculating Shiitake Mushroom Logs and Cultivating Farm Fields.

    • Mon. Aug. 3 at TC3 
      12:30-3:00 pm, TC3 Farm

    Instructors:  Taylor Reid-TC3 Farm Education Dir.;  Todd McLane -  Dir. of TC3 Farm, LLC farm

For all grades (2019-2015) 

~First, an introduction to the lifelong learning process of career planning. Gain insight into your career & majors choices, and the skills & education needed to pursue them.  Using resources, create a list of careers/majors tailored to your likes and interests.
~Then, learn about building a positive online reputation. Employers often do web searches before hiring and can easily find embarrassing/unprofessional info. Maximize your positive professional brand/minimize online regrets.

    • Tues. August 4 at SUNY Cortland
      9:00-11:30 am, Van Hoesen Rm. B140

    Instructor:  Michelle Baran - Asst. Dir. Career Services, SUNY Cortland

For students in 9th-12th (2018-2015)
& their Parents
Where to go to college is a big decision, one of the most important a young person makes. Get the most out of your college visit. Learn tips on how to prepare and what questions to ask from an experienced parent/student duo. For maximum benefit, PARENTS are encouraged to also attend this program with their student.(If there is space, 8th graders & their parents may attend- call/email to check.)

  •  Mon. August 10 at SUNY Cortland
     6:30-8:30 pm, Professional Studies Bldg. Rm. 1170

    Instructor:  Darlene Latten, Guidance counselor - Homer H.S.; with daughter Bethany

 To Register for any 2015 Summer events:
   You may Register Online,
   E-MAIL, PHONE OR FAX us at:

     Phone: (607) 753-5662
     Fax: (607) 753-5561

Send Mail to:

     ACE Office
     Cornish Hall, Rm. 1312
     SUNY Cortland
     Cortland, NY  13045