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Study Skills, Practice Tests and Learning Tips

STUDY SKILLS are valuable ‘strategies’ for how you learn, plan, organize, and communicate.
Having strong study skills gives you countless advantages in school and in life. Successful tactics help you organize yourself, process new information efficiently, make critical decisions about that information, and access it at a later time.

~  LEARNING STYLES -Do You Know Yours?

Everyone has a basic learning style, there are three general types. Knowing ‘how you learn’ is very important. To find what type of “learner” you are, evaluate your preferences.  You can then develop strategies to enhance your learning potential.

Auditory learners remember best what they hear and say. They like class discussions and are easily distracted by noise. They need to talk through new learning. Repeating material orally helps them learn.
      - Visual learners remember best what they see and observe. They put information into visual forms. They often make notes and drawings to help them understand and remember.
      - Tactile learners remember best what they experience and do.  They have difficulty sitting still for long periods and are easily distracted. They can lose interest when learning without hands on activity.

         For quick and fun quizzes to find YOUR learning style try these 2 sites:


SQ3R stands for: “Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review.” This is a confirmed method to sharpen your study skills.
Check the link below for great tips on getting the most from reading assignments:
                        SQ3R Reading techniques

Using effective note-taking methods will make studying and test-taking much easier for you. Want to know how to get your class notes into shape? Try this link for: 
                        Note taking Tips


Why math matters…even if you don’t plan to be an accountant:
                        Math, What is it Good For?

Both of these links will take you to pages with practice questions and tests. Use them to test yourself in any subject: English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Foreign Languages, etc. Some are in online quiz format with answers for each question, or you can print pdf versions to practice taking a whole 'paper' test.
                        Regents Exam Prep Center (Oswego School District Site) 
                        Tips and Tests...Explore all of the individual subject links for info. and practice tests on
variety of subjects (more tests are under 'Old Regents Exams' see below)

                        Elementary-High School NYS Tests This NYS Ed. link has test links for Elementary,
                        Intermediate and High School Regents practice tests. Great for printing & practicing with.