Participating Districts - SUNY Cortland

Participating Districts

The following 12 Central NY School Districts will participate in the ACE partnership during 2015-16.
ACE Welcomes a new addition this spring: Southern Cayuga School district.

School District
 Phone NumbersDistrict 2016-2017
Cincinnatus Kim MacDonald Grds.9-10
Jodi Carey Grds.11-12
607-863-3200 Cincinnatus Calendar
Cortland Michele Hughes
Kindra Catalano
Beth Evener
607-758-4118 Cortland Calendar
DeRuyter Maureen Alger 315-852-3400 #3 DeRuyter Calendar
Dryden Heather Washburn 607-844-8694 x5226 Dryden Calendar
Homer Audrey Fairchild
Alaina (Spadaro) Wallace
607-749-1209 Homer Calendar
Lansing Cathy Moseley 607-533-3020 x3217 Lansing Calendar
Marathon Jenny Camenga 
Deborah James
607-849-3251 Marathon Calendar 2016-17 TBA
McGraw Trish Walter 607-836-3610 McGraw Calendar
Moravia Michelle VanEtten
Shannon Taylor
315-497-2670 Moravia Calendar
Newfield Rick Pawlewicz 607-564-9955 x3131 Newfield Calendar
South Seneca Scott Anderson 607-869-9636 South Seneca Calendar
Southern Cayuga Tanya Thompson 315-364-7111 Southern Cayuga Calendar
Cay-On BOCES   315-253-0361 Cay-On BOCES Calendar
OCM BOCES   607-758-5100 OCM BOCES Calendar
TST BOCES   607-257-1551 TST BOCES Calendar

For driving directions to events that are held at participating school districts, we recommend that you the check the individual district websites above, call the  ACE office at  607-753-5662 

Role of The ACE Liaisons:

The Liaison for each school district plays a key role in the overall program.  Liaisons serve as support professionals for participants and spokespersons for the ACE program within their local school districts.  They are the primary contact between the students/parents and the ACE program.

What Liaisons do:

  • Host an "Information Night" each Spring for potential ACE families.
  • Keep track of students' participation and encourage them to attend events.
  • Annually review student's progress in the ACE program.
  • Accompany or arrange supervision for students on ACE Campus Visits and other ACE field trips.
  • Meet with the Coordinator each month and with the Operating Committee once per year.


Fall Programs

Oct. 5
12th Grd. ACE Campus Visit
"College Applications/Transition"
Cornell University
See your ACE Liaison NOW!

Oct. 14
Health Career Expo at IC
NOTE: This is a field trip. Not all districts attend.
See your
ACE Liaison to learn if your district will go.

Oct. 18
Jump Start 10
Non-ACE Field trip (10th Grd)
Not all schools attend

See your ACE Liaison
to learn if your district will go.

Oct. 18
College Night at TC3
6:00-7:30 pm
Open to all grades:
Sign in at the ACE table for credit
NOTE: Some districts bring upperclassmen during the a.m. session.

See your ACE Liaison

Check the Newsletter and Calendar for more ACE info.

ACE Office
Cornish Hall, Room 1312B
SUNY Cortland
Cortland, NY  13045
Phone: 607-753-5662
Fax: 607-753-5561
Email Us:
Hours: 8 a.m.-4 p.m. M-Th
(Closed Fridays)

Carol Clarke, ACE Coordinator
Lisa Petracca, ACE Staff