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College Visits' to any colleges, including the four local ACE coalition Colleges:
For each grade ACE presents educational workshops at our participating campuses. These ACE field trips are called: "Campus Visits".

, older students can also check them out on their own as a "college visit".
In the upper grades, students often visit various colleges with their parents to see firsthand where they may want to go. You can get an ACE credit by bringing a "College Visit Form" with you. Just fill it out, have the college representative sign it and return it to ACE.
Students can get a credit for visiting any college. They are also encouraged to attend open houses, including those offered by our coalition colleges. ACE Coalition Colleges Visiting  Links:
SUNY CortlandCornell; Ithaca College; TC3  
Just remember, as with any college visit, to receive an ACE credit you must complete the ACE:
College Visit Form.

NYS Practice Tests: Both of these links will take you to pages with practice questions and tests. Use them to test yourself in any subject.  Some are in online quiz format with answers for each question, or you can print pdf versions to practice taking a whole 'paper' test.
     Regents Exam Prep Center (Oswego School District Site) Tips and Tests...Explore all the individual subject links for practice tests (more tests are under 'Old Regents Exams' see below)
     Elementary-High School NYS Tests  This NYS Ed. link has test links for Elementary, Intermediate and High School Regents practice tests. Great for printing and practicing with. 
A great site for high school students/parents.
It has a vast assortment of fantastic information on all things college related, and multiple links on every subject.
  General college planning resources:
  Here are some of their specific link examples:
     PSAT/SAT; 'Know Yourself'; College 101; Parent Action Plans; Selecting a College; Choosing a Major;
    CareersPaying for college-the basics; Financial Aid PackagesScholarships; Scholarship Search; etc.

     You can go! 
Everyone was talking about going to college and I was like, “Oh, I can’t do that.”
If you think you can't go to college for whatever reason, check out these testimonials from students who thought that they COULDN'T go to college. They give a variety of reasons they believed they would not be able to attend college...(Cost, Grades, Responsibilities, etc.)  

The SAT: See our links to all things SAT: 
"Find your dream college and a way to pay for it" 
Another great source for info. on Scholarships, Financial Aid, Career Planning and College Search/Selection.
Search for scholarships with their free scholarship matching service, get student financial aid and find money to pay for college.

FAFSA on the Web 
Colleges require you to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) available at your school guidance office.
     ~You don't have to pay to apply for federal student aid, and you can even apply online.
     ~The FAFSA is required for all federal financial aid as well as some state financial aid programs
        (including New York State TAP grants).  
     ~ Your FAFSA should be filed after, but as close to January 1 as possible
     ~ Deadlines varyThe sooner you submit the better, in order to get available monies.
     ~ Student Aid on the Web: U.S. Dept. of Education tips and links on preparing for and funding education beyond high school.

Community Financial Aid Support - (No web links. Please call the Extension Centers directly)
Did you know...Tompkins-Cortland- Community College (TC3)
community Financial Aid support.
You do not need to be enrolled in TC3 to access this program.
   WHEN:  The Second Thursday of every month from 4:00-6:00 pm 
   WHERE: Cortland and Ithaca extension centers
Walk-ins are welcome but individuals are encouraged to call for an appointment:
           ~ TC3 Cortland Extension Center  607-756-5275
TC3 Ithaca Extension Center 607-272-3025

Internet safety: These 2 informative sites are by The Federal Trade Commission and also contains links to other ‘on-line safety’ sites for everyone:
    On Guard Online 
Kids and Socializing Online: Social networking sites, chat rooms, virtual worlds, and blogs are how teens and tweens socialize online; it's important to help your child learn how to navigate these spaces safely. 

    Social Networking Sites: A Parent’s Guide  
“It’s 10 p.m. Do you know where your children are?"
Remember that phrase from your own childhood? It’s still a valid question, but now, it comes with a twist: “Do you know where your kids are — and who they’re chatting with online?”

Occupational Outlook Handbook
Learn specifics on a variety of different, jobs and careers such as:
Computer Programming, Graphic Design, Nursing, Construction Trades, TeachingLaw, Veterinarians, Chiropractors, Athletic Trainers, Engineers, etc.
Find out: job descriptions; working conditions; future job prospects;  expected earnings; training & education requirements; etc. 

ACE District BOCES:
Onondaga-Cortland-Madison BOCES

Tompkins-Seneca-Tioga BOCES



Oct. 6
Grades Matter
9th Grd. ACE Fieldtrip
Must sign up by SEPT. 24

See your ACE Liaison NOW!

Oct. 12
SAT (new) or ACT Practice Test
(Your Choice)
8:00 am-12:45 pm

TC3 Ext. Cntr. in Cortland

Oct. 20
College Night at TC3
6:00-7:30 pm
Open to all grades:
Sign in at the ACE table for credit
Some districts bring upperclassmen during the a.m. session.
See your ACE Liaison

Oct. 20
Jump Start 10
Non-ACE Fieldtrip (10th Grd)
Not all schools attend
See your
ACE Liaison

Oct. 21
12th Grd. ACE Campus Visit
"College Applications & Transition"

Cornell University

See your ACE Liaison NOW!

Oct. 24
Regional Institute at
8:45-11:30 am
Agenda/Workshop list

Check the Newsletter and Calendar for more ACE info.

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