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Fall Event Descriptions 2014

2014 FALL EVENT DESCRIPTIONS:Mouse & checkbox

Those programs below that have red underlined links will take you to the registration form. The Fall Newsletter, Calendar and individual online Registration links will also give you more information.

Only the red UNDERLINED titles have on-line registration at this time

  • Click on any underlined EVENT TITLE below to link directly to it's online Registration Form.
  • Click on any Agenda link below to *View or Print them.  
  • For all fieldtrips students must see their liaison to register, not ACE

SEPT. 20 - PATH OF SUCCESS at Ithaca High School. You must register directly with the Organizers.
       (This is a public program, however, ACE credit will be given to those who attend.)

       10:00 am-4:00 pm Sat. Morning Sept. 20, 2014: Lunch is provided.
A free motivational, leadership seminar designed to help students set and achieve their goals.
       For more information or to register contact: Lisa Gould by telephone at (607) 256-0780
Or email at: 
          Flier/Description: Path of Success  (Be sure to let them know you are with

OCT. 2 - ACE 9th Grd.  FIELD TRIP - SUNY Cortland: "Grades Matter" SEE YOUR LIAISON NOW!
        This school field trip will provide Freshmen with the opportunity to hear from College Admission
        Advisors as to what colleges look for in student applications.  The main focus will be on the
        high school grades, transcripts and the importance of high school course sequences.
        Other speakers will provide pertinent information on keys to success. Sept. 22 sign up deadline

       8:00 am-12:45 pm
at 157 Main St. Cortland, NY - TC3 Extension Center:
       Take this practice test to see firsthand what to expect during a real test.
       You will get complete analysis of your test results. Sponsored by KAPLAN.

OCT. 14 - COLLEGE NIGHT at TC3 - No pre-registration required. this is a 'walk-in/sign-in' program.
       6:00-7:30 pm, Tues. Evening Oct. 14, 2014: College Fair
. Sign in at the ACE table for credit.
       Over 100 colleges will be represented. Speak with college reps. from a variety of colleges.
Admission counselors from both 2-year & 4year colleges will be available to answer questions  
       and distribute information about their college.  Parents & students can ask about campus life,
       degree programs, course offerings, costs, financial aid, entrance requirements, etc. 
       It’s a chance to talk to actual college representatives, not just see brochures or websites. 
       (NOTE: Some districts bring upper classmen to the morning session. SEE YOUR LIAISON.

OCT. 16 - HEALTH CARE EXPO at Ithaca College: A firsthand look at careers in health care.
       Interactive exhibits and workshops staffed by healthcare professionals and educators.
       Students may select from a series of morning workshops highlighting various aspects
       of health careers and necessary educational backgrounds.

       This is a Schoo
l field trip - not all districts will attendACE credit is given to those who do.

         8 :45-11:30 am

       A selection of educational workshops for both parents & students:

       College Admissions; Fin. Aid; Learning Styles; Careers. See Agenda for more info.

       (*View pdf Agenda - workshop descriptions)

OCT. 22 -  COLLEGE THEATRE - Cornell University:
       "The Mineola TwinsWed.
Oct. 22, 2014
       A satirical portrayal of American political culture represented by the opposite lives of twins;
       Myra and Myrna.

OCT. 23 - ACE 12th Grd. CAMPUS VISIT- Cornell: "College Application" SEE YOUR LIAISON
       Whether you plan to attend a SUNY College, Community College, or Private University in the fall,
       or in the future, and are curious about college, this visit is for you!
       Workshops: Preparing the College Application, Career Planning Suggestions, Connecting 
       with faculty, College Student Panel, etc.

       "BrigadoonFri. Oct. 24, 2014 (Opening Night- No Walk-ins)
       A delightfully romantic fantasy. Tommy finds himself in a quandary when he falls in love
       with Fiona and must make a choice between two worlds.

NOV. 3  COLLEGE THEATRE - Ithaca College:
"How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying"  Mon. Nov. 3, 2014
The story of young J. Pierrepont Finch’s hilarious climb from window washer to board chairman-
        and its cause and effect.

           6:30-8:35 pm

        A selection of educational workshops for both parents & students:
        College Entrance Writg.; Looking Beyond...; Where are the Jobs; Careers. See Agenda

           (*View pdf Agenda - workshop descriptions)

DEC. 3- ACE 11th Grd. CAMPUS VISIT- SUNY Cortland: "Dollars & Sen$e" SEE YOUR LIAISON
What do YOU want to be? Have you thought about what life will be like living on your own?
        What might your salary be in your chosen profession? Will you have extra money to save?
        These and more questions will be answered in this hands-on workshop.


REMINDER: For any School FIELD TRIPS- you must contact your SCHOOL DISTRICT and register directly with your  ACE LIAISON, not the ACE Office

   ~ Oct. 2   - ACE 9th Grd. Fieldtrip - 9:00-1:00 SUNY Cortland: "Why Grades Matter" -see liaison. 
   ~ Oct. 14 - College Fair-TC3: See your liaison; not all districts attend as a fieldtrip.
      (See above: 9-12th graders may attend the 6-7:30 evening walk-in/sign-in session for ACE credit.)

   ~ Oct. 16 - Health Care Expo - 9:00-1:30 at IC: See your liaison; not all districts attend.
   ~ Oct. 23 - ACE 12th Grd. CAMPUS VISIT - 9:00-1:00 Cornell: "College Application" -see your liaison.
   ~ Dec. 3   - ACE 11th Grd. CAMPUS VISIT - 9:00-1:00 SUNY Cortland: "Dollars & Sense" -see your liaison.

* NOTE: to View or Print any PDF (Flyer or Agendas)
  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader: Adobe Reader Download

 TBA = To Be Announced