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Here are some topics of interest to our program participants:

Receiving the ACE Recommendation.

Driving Directions to events and activities are available.

Event Cancellations and "NO SHOWS"                                        Red Phone

Many of the ACE programs have limited space available for students, and may therefore have waiting lists. 
By NOT attending events for which you HAVE registered, you may be preventing others who are waiting from attending those events, UNLESS you CALL us to cancel.

To ensure the correct amount of seating and refreshments required, ACE needs to inform the colleges and high schools of the approximate number of people who will attend these events ahead of time.
(ACE is then billed for these refreshments.)

On the other hand, if enough students don't register for certain events by the set time, we may be forced to cancel it.
That's why we ask that you register early for events, and call to cancel as soon as you find that you cannot attend.

Sometimes things do happen at the last minute.
If you are not able to contact the ACE office prior to the event, at least call the office the following day or, leave a message on our answering machine. This is very important since non-attendance at an event for which you registered but did not attend, results in a "NO SHOW" appearing on your ACE participation record.

WARNING: Students, who continually register for events and then do not attend, may not be allowed to register for future ACE events.

~ Remember the ACE commitment is made up of three promises -- the colleges', the high schools' and YOURS!
In part we promise to provide programs to prepare you to enter college and you and your parents/guardians promise to attend these programs to the best of your ability.

We're looking forward to seeing you at future ACE events!

 Car Pooling                                                                                         Car pool symbol

Our special thanks goes to families who have offered to share a ride to ACE events with others.

Occasionally transportation is difficult to arrange for some of our families.
On the registration forms for events, we usually include a place for families to indicate whether or not they need a ride, or are willing to give or share a ride.

Please consider offering a ride at an upcoming event. And, if you need a ride, don't hesitate to let us know and we will do our very best to help you make a connection with another student going to that event from your area.


Spring Programs:

Feb. 9
11th Grade ACE Campus Visit
Tompkins Cortland
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Jane Manning, ACE Coordinator
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