ACE Recommendation & Requirements

The ACE Recommendation documents and rewards student participation throughout their years in the program. The Recommendation letter is placed in the student's permanent school folder and is then available to be sent out during the college application process which is usually in the fall of their Senior year. 

To receive the ACE RECOMMENDATION students must:

  • Attend at least TWELVE qualifying ACE EVENTS during their time with the ACE program.
    At least 8 of those12 are required to come from the Qualifying Group of events; see below.)
  • Maintain at least a B range GPA throughout their years in high school.
    (B- to A+)

Completing at least 4 events per year is necessary to complete the program by the time College Applications are sent out in the fall of Sr. year.  By doing an average of 4 per year in 9th, 10th, and 11th grades, participation criteria can easily be met before Sr. year begins. (Students can also begin events in the 8th grade with the "Welcome" and "Summer Programs".)

Students are welcome and encouraged to do many more than 12 ACE events. They may attend as many programs as they like and can fit into their schedules. The more you attend, the more you benefit.

Most students receiving the ACE Recommendation have done 15-20 events by the end of 12th grade. A few have over 30.

Required Group

Students need at least 8 from this group. You may do many more than eight if you wish; all count towards the 12.

  • Regional Institutes Educational event for both Students AND Parents. They are offered in both the Fall and Spring semesters. Each has several workshops to choose from. You may attend as many Regional Institutes as you like, and you may also repeat the individual workshops. Parents and students may attend the same workshops or may each attend a different one.
  • Campus Visits Our liaisons bring students on ACE sponsored field trips that are  grade specific. In each grade, students will be taken to one of the four ACE colleges. (9th-Ithaca College; 10th-SUNY Cortland; 11-Tompkins Cortland; 12th-Cornell.) for age appropriate workshops.  These are NOT recruitment  visits, they are career/educational conferences hosted at these colleges. Students should attend the program even if they do not intend to apply to the host college.
  • Campus Events Student AND Parent programs that are also grade specific and there is only one per grade each year. In each grade, students and their parents will experience a different educational program at one of the four ACE colleges. Each grade's planned "event" is different based on the needs for that grade level, if you miss one you may not repeat it. (8th-Welcome-Tompkins Cortland; 9th-'Spirit Day'-SUNY Cortland; 10th- 'Dream &Achieve'-Cornell; 11th-'Making Choices'-Ithaca College; No 12th grd. program)  
    REMEMBER: These programs are designed for BOTH the student and parents  to attend together. The events are set up for Parent/Student interaction. Therefore Parent(s) should attend with their student, but students may still attend alone if need be.
  • Miscellaneous Campus Programs Student AND/OR Parent programs that may or may not be grade specific. These may vary year to year. Mailings will be sent.
  • ACE Field Trips A variety of special programming hosted by one of our coalition campuses. (Hospitality Edu. and/or Science Edu.-Cornell; Dollars & Sense- Ithaca College, etc.) These are space limited programs, you must contact your liaison about attending.
  • Summer Programs  A variety of  workshops that are of varying lengths (half day, full day, two or three day). They are hosted by our coalition campuses. (Examples are: "Study Skills"; "Writing Process"; "College is in Your Future"; and "What's the Science Behind Our Food".)
  • The Path of Success Although not an ACE organized event, in years when it is offered, ACE will give full ACE credit for attending. This free, all-day Academic and Leadership Seminar usually takes place at Ithaca H.S. in early fall. It "equips high school students with the skills necessary to set high goals and achieve success in their relationships, academics and future careers."  Check out The Path of Success website    

Additional Events

The final four may be selected from either the above required "qualifying group" and/or from any of the programs listed below:

  • College Theatre Campus Theater Productions. Every fall and spring ACE students and their parents are able to attend the final dress rehearsal or a production by the theater departments at SUNY Cortland, Ithaca College or Cornell University.  There is no charge, however each family is limited to 3 tickets for the student and parents. (Extras may be available for siblings, please call to be sure.) The selected productions/dates are listed in the  Newsletter and in the calendar.  Feel free to attend all available theater productions. To register, you must contact the ACE Office or register on line.
  • Gallery Talk and Tours An exhibition tour and Q&A session with the Dowd Fine Arts Gallery Director and art students. The art work is by SUNY Cortland Students. This is a great event for any students interested in art or an art career. To register, you must contact the ACE Office. (See the Newsletter calendar for the date.)
  • College Night at Tompkins Cortland  A "College Fair" where you can learn a little about a lot of colleges. Over 100 colleges are represented. This is a "walk -in" program. You may cruise the tables collecting brochures and asking questions. Just be sure to sign in with ACE when you get there for credit.
  • College Visits Personal College Visits by students with their parents or the school. We will grant ACE participation credit to individual visits students make to any college campuses (outside of the ACE sponsored field trips). Students must take, fill out and return to ACE the proper form. See the Newsletter or your liaison for more information and the required "College Visit" form. (Remember: these personal visits do not count as one of the 8 "required" events.)

    ACE Students are invited and encouraged to attend the open houses offered by the four participating colleges. To receive ACE credit you must still complete the 'College Visit Form'.
    ACE coalition colleges visiting  Info: SUNY Cortland, Cornell, Ithaca College, Tompkins Cortland
  • All events are FREE for ACE students/families. You may contact us for information on any events.
  • Fliers are only sent out for the major events. We do not send a separate flier or invitation for College Theater or the Gallery Talk and Tour, or College Night.
    You must make a note of them from the ACE Newsletter/Calendar.
  • Students may and are more than welcome to do many more than 12 events.
    Many do well over 20-25 total events!  A few even do more!

    You may contact us for information on any events.


Spring Programs:

Feb. 9
11th Grade ACE Campus Visit
Tompkins Cortland
See your ACE Liaison

Check the Newsletter and Calendar for more ACE info.

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