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International Celebration


International Celebration 2013

Monday October 21

The Arab Spring Between Secularism and Religion @ TC3 Room 210 4-5:30 pm
Congo Awareness: Teach-In Forum @ Corey Union-Exhibition Lounge 6-7:30 pm

Tuesday October 22

Congo Awareness: CELL-OUT @ Corey Union-Exhibition Lounge 7-8:30 pm

Wednesday October 23

Island Detentions: Migration, Enforcement, and Struggles over Asylum @ Moffett 2125 4:30pm

“UNICEF” Promo Video @ Corey Union Exhibition Lounge 4-6pm

Thursday, October 24

"Women in the Congo" @ Collaboration with Women of Color, Corey Union Voice Office 6-7pm

Saturday October 26

Sonalee’s Bollywood Dance Company @ Corey Union Function Room 8 pm

Monday October 28

Taste of the World @ Corey Union Function Room 6pm

Tuesday October 29

German Film Series, Divided Heaven (Der getelite Himmel) (1964) @ Sperry 305 7pm

Wednesday October 30

Cross-Cultural Communication Panel @ Moffett 2125 4:30pm

Tuesday November 5

Cave Archaeology in Western Belize @ Jacobus Lounge, Brockway Hall 4:30 pm
German Film Series, Goodbye, Lenin (2003) @ Sperry 305 7pm

Wednesday November 6

Panel on Careers for International Studies Majors @ Moffett 2125 4:30-6pm

Tuesday November 12

German Film Series, Barbara (2012) @ Sperry 305 7pm

Wednesday November 13

Democracy and Women’s Rights After the Arab Spring @ Moffett 2125 4:30-6pm

Thursday November 14

German Film Series, Imagining the West from the East @ Sperry 305 7pm

Monday November 18

International Celebration Reception @ Old Main Colloquium 220 4:30-6 pm

Tuesday November 19

The Impact of the Free Trade Treaty, GMOs, and Seed Banks on Farmers in Guatemala @ Old Main Colloquium 220 12-1 pm

Wednesday November 20

To Smash the Ceiling or to Build Open Houses: Gender Politics and the Glass Ceiling @ Sperry 205 7pm


For more information please contact the Clark Center for International Education or go to


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Monday, October 24

International Programs Open House 4:00-5:30 pm

OM 2nd floor

Contact:  Mary Schlarb

Tuesday, October 25

Native American Film Series

“Two Spirits”

7:00 pm  Sperry 205

Contact:  Dawn Van Hall

Wednesday, October 26

“Living and Learning in the US and Abroad”

4:30 pm, Moffett 2125

Contact:  Mary Schlarb and Sharon Steadman

Thursday, October 27

Aboriginal Art Exhibit Reception & talk

Dowd Gallery

Contact:  Bryan Thomas (Dowd)

Tuesday, November 1

Native American Film Series

“Older than America”

7:00 pm Sperry 205

Contact:  Dawn Van Hall

Wednesday, November 2

“Bloodlands” Panel Discussion, 7:00 pm, Jacobus Lounge

Contact:  Henry Steck

Saturday, November 5

Dingle Art Exhibit, Beard Gallery (Nov 5-January 30)

Opening reception Nov 5, 7:00 pm, Beard Gallery

Contact:  Gonda Gebhardt

                  George Dugan

Monday, November 7

1.  Clark Center Workshop

12:30-1:45, Sperry 309


2.  PBD Induction

4:30 pm, Jacobus


3.  Taste of the World

6:00 pm, Corey Function room

Contact:  Sharon Steadman



Contact:  Henry Steck



Contact:  Tiantian Zheng

Tuesday, November 8

1.  Panel Discussion:  US Education in Global Context

4:30 pm Jacobus Lounge



2.  Native American Film Series

“Two Indians Talking”

7:00 pm Sperry 205

Contact:  Dawn Van Hall

Thursday, November 10

Clark Center Reception

Performance by Africana Dancers

Winner of Photo Contest

Announcement of Internationalization Award

Contact:  Sharon Steadman