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Sharing the American Dream

international student

They came to the United States seeking opportunity. Whether escaping from Nazi-occupied Greece, the Hungarian Revolution, the Fall of Saigon or the poverty of the Caribbean islands, these hard-working immigrants kept their belief in the American dream and a better life for their families.

Those noble hopes inspire John Fantauzzi ’58. A first generation Italian-American, he coupled a strong work ethic imparted by his parents with his solid Cortland education to transform a generation of students as a gifted teacher. His unparalleled generosity created the Fantauzzi Scholarship Program on campus.

Today, more than 20 Cortland students  — the direct offspring of immigrants — are Fantauzzi scholars. They share a passion for higher education and a heartfelt gratitude for the chance to pursue it, a prospect not available to their parents or grandparents. In America, dreams do come true.

Learn how you can help make them happen through The Cortland Fund.