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Why Your Support Matters

Students Dining at Hilltop

Thank You

The videos below provide a compelling case as to why support from alumni and friends is so important. The College is proud to offer these student-produced videos as testament to how donations change lives.

Contact us today to learn how you can make a difference by calling 607-753-2518.

Video of Grace
Grace McGeoch, Junior, Musical Theater
Video of Mike
Mike Tota, Senior, Business Economics
Video of Melissa
Melissa Gardeski, Senior, New Media Design
Video of Jason
Jason Miedema, Junior, Math Education
Video of Kathleen
Kathleen Connolly, Sophomore, Math and Physics Education
Video of Lauren
Lauren Menchini, Freshman, Pre-Major
Video of Sandra
Sandra Erickson, Senior, Political Science
Video of Carl
Carl Koehler, Senior, Conservation Biology
Video of Jesse
Jesse Campanaro, Senior, Business Economics