Annual Giving

Help Build the Future, One Year at a Time

When it comes to supporting SUNY Cortland students, every gift is appreciated, regardless of its size. 

Every year, thousands of SUNY Cortland alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends participate in The Cortland Fund because they understand the importance of ensuring the quality and accessibility of the life-changing education the College provides. Because their gifts benefit SUNY Cortland students and programs directly, they know that their contributions make a difference.

Even if their gift is $50.

Or $20.

Or whatever that supporter can afford.

At SUNY Cortland, individuals learn they can accomplish amazing things by working with others as a team toward a common goal. Although the College deeply appreciates the generous help of its large donors, it takes pride in the fact that more than 87 percent of its supporters this year made gifts of less than $150.

That so many of the College’s alumni and friends felt strongly enough about SUNY Cortland’s mission to make a gift of any size during these difficult economic times speaks volumes. Small gifts, when added together, grow powerful. They become scholarships, research grants, cultural arts programs and much, much more. Every dollar contributed to the annual fund helps ensure academic excellence and enhances the scope, breadth and quality of the SUNY Cortland experience.

By participating in The Cortland Fund’s annual effort, friends of the College make consistent gifts each and every year that enable the fund to sustain itself and provide a foundation for growth. 


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Peter Perkins
Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Matthew Clark
Associate Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Tina Aversano ’96
Manager of Scholarships and Donor Relations

Richard Coyne ’07
Senior Gift Officer

Michael Fusilli
Major Gift Officer

Rachel Sluberski
Major Gift Officer 

Michele Artus
Leadership Gift Officer