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Alum from Day One
The SUNY Cortland Alumni Association exists to help you and SUNY Cortland! Take advantage of the opportunities we offer to help make your Cortland experience great:
  • Alumni Speaker Series: Get advice from recent graduates

  • Alumni Affairs Office Internships: Learn invaluable skills and earn academic credit

  • Parks Alumni House Internships: Flexible responsibilities meet student interests while working at the Lynne Parks '68 SUNY Cortland Alumni House

  • Dining Interview Etiquette Program: Hosted during the fall semester, learn how to interview while dining

  • Student Alumni Association: Skills in event planning, public relations and networking are enhanced while fostering connections with alumni

  • Regional Career Networking: During winter break, meet alumni in your home area

  • Senior Outreach: Programs assist with getting ready for graduation and transitioning into your next stage

  • Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK): Get advice and your questions answered directly from alumni. Coming soon. 

Questions? Visit us in Brockway Hall, Room 207 (one level above The Hilltop), call 607-753-2516 or email

Share Your Pride With Our Alumni!