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In Memoriam

SUNY Cortland remembers alumni, faculty, staff, emeriti and friends who have passed away. We are grateful for the lasting impact they made during their days on campus and send our deepest condolences to their loved ones.


Ruth E. Kearney '29

Mable Adsitt Terrill '31

Violet D. Haefele '33

Norma Rockwell Preisler '33

Ruth Foster Northup '35

Wilma Redfield Grainger '36

Nella Rutkowski Macleod '36

Marian Riker VanGelder '37

Frances Krepline Banker '38

Alice Pylman Cole '39

Alberta Scholtz Young '39

Charlotte Tuthill Donaldso '42

Marjorie Haight Hitchcock '42

Mildred Squires Whitney '42

Laura Hotchkiss Wilson '42

Joan Williams Lloyd '43

Margaret Biggs Snedeker '43

Blanche Snyder '43

Shirley M. Daehn '47

Marian Kudzy Hall '48

Spencer R. Lowell '49

Frederick Maziarz '49

Patricia Charles Blowers '50

Pearl Kohl Biazzo '51

Edward W. Bosse '51

Vivian Marano Eldredge '51

Else Westendorf Forster '51

Dolores Minke '51

Dorothy Nestor Kolbow '53

Beverley Davis Vickery '53

Marilyn Schilling Youngblood '53

Virginia Kille Bodner '54

June Nicholson Doyle '55

Richard H. Taylor '57

Betty Sahlin Folks '58

John H. Lohrfink '59

Susan Larkin Retzlaff '59

Donna Bell Traver '59

Joanne Peleggi Fiato '60

Robert P. Jubinville '60

Brude De Mond '62

Marian Rich Kimmich '63

Gerald Louglin '63

Nancy Bayer Shablak '63

Thomas A. Nugent '66

Corliss Marks Cochran '68

Michael Fudjack '68

Marcia Bubas Modlo '68

Stefan R. Bandas '69

Donna M. Capobianco '69

Barton E. Moore '69

William S. Caputo '70

Joseph J. Kneidinger '70

Marna Berusch Morris '70

Maureen D. McGrath-Lynch '71

Sheila M. Brown '74

James A. Cherry '74

Susan Bonfiglio '76

Victoria A. Ecker '80

William N. Hydo '80

Dena Held Weatherman '81

David W. Wright '82

Sandra Bienvenu Baker '83

Steven M. Pakkala '83

Joyce M. McManus '85

Andrea Falvo Markoe '86

John P. Turna III '89

Dominic J. Corso '90

Matthew J. Mclennan '96

David J. Halvorsen '98

David M. Beaudette '02

Angela Hailey-Gregory '05


The above list is updated monthly and distributed through Moments, the alumni e-newsletter. The current listing includes notifications received by the Alumni Affairs Office between April 17 and June 26. 

Those who wish to add a loved one to this list should send a note and a link to an obituary to Obituary links shared with the Alumni Affairs Office will be provided.