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Communications Survey Aims to Improve Effectiveness


Communications Survey Aims to Improve Effectiveness

Are you reading this?

That question isn’t as ridiculous as it may seem.

SUNY Cortland’s alumni family comprises 66,000 individuals scattered across the planet. They include schoolteachers and stock brokers; actors and entrepreneurs; scientists, psychologists, soldiers, sculptors and nearly every other conceivable profession.

Some have grown up connected to the Internet. They interact with the world through mobile devices that fit in the palms of their hands.

Others went to College before television broadcasting was invented. They read daily newspapers and magazines and are accustomed to printed information on paper pages.

And in between are thousands of individual combinations involving all of the many communications technologies and mediums available.

Communicating across this wide spectrum of experience is challenging, so we are asking for your help. By spending a few minutes taking our alumni communications survey, you could help us find the most effective ways to engage with you and your SUNY Cortland peers.  

The information we glean from this survey will help guide our decision-making as we evaluate all of the communications methods we currently use — from Columns and the annual report to social media and this newsletter — to find the best strategy to connect with you and share the kind of information and opportunities you want.

Please help us help you by participating in our survey.