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Professional Service Award Recipients


Stephen J. Smith  Service to Students
Dennis Farnsworth  Institutional Service


Tracy Rammacher  Innovation Within Profession
Glenn Wright  Institutional Service


Victoria Hess  Innovation Within Profession
Erin Boylan  Service to Students
Joe Woodin  Institutional Service


Juanita Larrabee  Innovation Within Profession
Sarah Gingrich  Service to Students
Gary Babjack   Innovation Within Profession
Jack Sheltmire Institutional Service


Ray Ruppert  Innovation Within Profession
Louise Mahar  Service to Students
Mark Yacavone   Institutional Service
Dawn VanHall Institutional Service


Josh Peluso  Innovation Within Profession
Chris Poole     Institutional Service
Julian Wright   Service to Students
Scott Thomas  Innovation Within Profession


Catherine Smith  Service to Students
Laurie Klotz    Innovation Within Profession
Carol Van Der Karr     Institutional Service


Billie Jean Goff   Service to Students
Jean Brown  Innovation Within Profession
Judi Furlik   Innovation Within Profession
Hailey Ruoff   Institutional Service


Gradin Avery  Institutional Service
Carlton Burr   Innovation Within Profession
Laurie Vosburgh  Service to Students


Richard Peagler   Institutional Service
Nancy Sternfeild   Service to Students
Peter Andrusyszyn   Innovation Within Profession
Scott Thomas  Innovation Within Profession
Josh Peluso  Innovation Within Profession



Nominate a Colleague

There are few greater compliments than to have a peer, student, or alumni notice a job well done by a professional staff member. Consider nominating one of your colleagues for their exemplary service.