Honoring Excellence in Research, Scholarship, and Outreach

2016 Excellence in Research, Scholarship, and Outreach

Helena Baert
Matthew Madden
Development of a Mastery-Learning Open Online Course in Movement Analysis

Alexandru Balas
The European Union in Central New York

Barbara Barton
SUNY Cortland Learning by Giving
Learning by Giving Foundation Grant

Kathleen Burke
Gregory Phelan
Cynthia Guy
Developing Leaders and Strengthening Community Capacity in Cortland County

Diane Craft
Implementing Physical Activity in Early Childcare Education Settings

Laura Davies
Nuala McGann Drescher Fellowship

Timothy Davis
Alexis Abdo
I Can Do It, You Can Do It

Jeremiah Donovan
Unraveling the Past: Reinterpretations of Maya Terracotta Pottery from Belize

Michael Kniffin
Thomas Frank
Amy Henderson-Harr
Sustaining Yourself as a Writer: Classroom, Scholarship & Grants

Andrea Lachance
Elizabeth Klein
Alexis Abramo
Teacher Leadership Quality Partnerships

Bruce Mattingly
Randi Storch
John Suarez
Planning Grant with SUNY Plattsburgh

Esa Merson
Teri Vigars
Jen Drake

Nasrin Parvizi
Matthew Brubaker
Rob Shutts
Zachariah Newswanger
BuildSmartNY Operations and Maintenance Acceleration Program Awards

Joshua Peck
SUNY STEM Research Passport Program

Gregory Phelan
Angela Pagano
Mary Gfeller
Noelle Chaddock
SUNY Cortland Noyce Scholarship Program Phase II

Sebastian Purcell
Nuala McGann Drescher Fellowship

Kevin Sheets
Randi Storch
Scott Moranda
Rob Rubendall
Christine Widdall
Forever Wild: The Adirondacks in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era

Carol Van Der Karr
Abby Thomas
Carol Costell Corbin
Completion Path Collaborative

2015 Excellence in Research, Scholarship, and Outreach

Flavia Dantas
Nuala McGann Drescher Fellowship

John Foley
Helena Baert
Matthew Madden
Aaron Hart

Activity and Movement Pedagogy Lab Research Agreement

Li Jin
Real-time Monitor to Detect Waterborne E.coli in a Continuous flow

Andrea Lachance
Alexis Abramo
Dominick Fantacone

Elizabeth Klein
Angela Pagano
Mary Gfeller
Center for the Preparation of 21st Century Teachers @ SUNY Cortland

Thomas Lickona, Emeritus
Collaboration of Character Education within the University of Leeds

Melissa Morris
Chondrule Formation in Impact Plumes
Observational & Theoretical Investigations of the Formation of Igneous Rims around Chondrules

Kevin Sheets
Randi Storch

Landmarks of American History and Culture: Workshops for School Teachers

Orvil White
Improving Professional/Academic Competence and Practical Knowledge in Science, Mathematics and Education


2014 Excellence in Research, Scholarship, and Outreach

Lynn Anderson
Accessibility Assessment of 200 Resource Sites and Interpretive Facilities

Theresa Curtis
Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase Two
Development of Hand-held Biosensors for Rapid Diagnosis and Study of Neural Disease & Neurotoxins

Andrea Lachance
Dennis Farnsworth

SUNY Teacher & Leader Education Network C-TEN

Laura Gathagan
Nuala McGann Drescher Leave Program Award

Andrea Harbin
Digital Humanities Start Up Grants

Bonni Hodges
Donna Videto

Healthy Steps, Healthy Lives Evaluation

Richard Kendrick
Andrea Lachance
Valerie Behr
Flourishing Teachers; Flourishing Students

Cathy MacDonald
Nuala McGann Drescher Leave Program Award

Gregory Phelan
Kerri Freese

Robert Noyce Scholarship Program

Sharon Steadman
Grants for Archaeological Field Research in Early Mediterranean Civilizations

Jeffrey Werner
SusChEM: Converting Urban Wastes into Longer-chain Chemicals

Jeffrey Werner
Christa Chatfield
Patricia Conklin
Terrence Fitzgerald
Frank Rossi
Major Research Instrumentation Program NSF- 13-517

Doug Wieczorek
Mary Reagan

2013-2018 21st Century Community Learning Centers Grants

2013 Excellence in Research, Scholarship, and Outreach

Marley Barduhn
Liberty Partnership Program

Phil Buckenmeyer
HealthyNOW Teen Program

Jena Curtis
Real Life, Real Talk

Kathleen Burke
Timothy Phillips
Susanne Polley
German Zarate

Enhancing Entrepreneurial Activity in Cortland County

Theresa Curtis
Cellular Electric Cell-Substrate Impedance Support—ECIS

Terrence Fitzgerald
Frank Rossi
Identification, synthesis and use of a larval trail-following pheromone of the Argentine cactus moth, Cactoblastis Cactorum

John Foley
Aaron Hart

SPARK Scholar 2013-2014

David Franke
Seven Valley’s National Writing Project
Title II Award: Supporting Effective Educators Development Grant—Candor
SEED Teacher Leadership Development—Workshops and Summer Institute Grant

Bonni Hodges
Creating Healthy Places in Cortland County Evaluation

Angela Pagano
Mary Gfeller
Undergraduate Clinically Rich Teacher Preparation Pilot Program

Orvil White
Nature of Science Professional Development Workshop

Kevin Sheets
Randi Storch

Forever Wild: The Adirondacks in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era

Shufang Shi
Chris Widdall

4C-CITI: Four-College Consortium for Innovative Technology Integration

Henry Steck
Teaching Students How to Give
Learning by Giving Foundation

2012 Excellence in Research, Scholarship, and Outreach

Timothy Baroni
Macrofungal Collection Consortium Digitization Project

Timothy Davis
Microsoft Xbox Kinect Applications in Adapted Physical Education

Mechthild Nagel
DADD German Academic Exchange Service Professorship - Fulda University of Applied Sciences

David Ritchie
Abolishing the Chains of Slavery: Central New Yorkers to the Rescue

Randi Storch
Goldstein-Goren Center for American Jewish History at New York University, Research Fellowship

Orvil White
Nature of Science Professional Development Workshop


2011 Excellence in Research, Scholarship, and Outreach

Bonni C. Hodges
Creating Healthy Places in Cortland Evaluation

Thomas E. Lickona
Character Education Partnership Grant

Sharon L. Todd
Lynn S. Anderson

Greek Peak Mountain Resort Partnership Agreement

Kimberly A. Rombach
Susan K. Stratton

David Smukler
Judy K. C. Bentley

John Cottone
Inclusion Matters: Partnering for Authentic Change in Teaching (IM:PACT)

Theresa M. Curtis
Development of the Environmental Sentinel Biomonitor (ESB) System
in Collaboration with the U.S. Army Center for Environmental Health Research

Angela M. Pagano
Bringing Space Down to Earth/Teaching Secondary Science Using Aerospace
Education Service Project Toolkit

Kevin B. Sheets
First Person America

Sharon R. Steadman
Frontier and Empire on the Central Anatolian Plateau: Transitions at Cadir Hoyuk

Bruce Mattingly
Peter K. Ducey
Brice Smith
Gregory Phelan
SUNY Cortland PSM Program Development Initiative

Marley S. Barduhn
Elizabeth Bliss
Mathematics Achievement and Success through Engagement in Resources for Migrant Students (MASTERS)

Ellen T. McCabe
In a Nutshell: The Worlds of Maurice Sendak


2009-2010 Excellence in Research, Scholarship, and Outreach

David Berger
John Lombardo

Development Exposure Alcohol Research Center

Robert Carr  
SUNY Cortland Energy Savings Lighting Project

Sheila Cohen
Succeeding as Women in Higher Education

Luis Columna
Fit Families Group Visits: Physical Activity and Medical Services for Hispanic and Caucasian Children

Patricia Conklin
Functional Analysis of VTC3, a Novel Regulator of Ascorbate Biosynthesis in Plants

Hongli Fan
Enhancing Reading in English through Culture Drescher Award

Gayle Gleason
RUI: Over-printing of Crystallographic Preferred Orientation Patterns in Quartz Aggregate

Bonni Hodges
Building Capacity for School Health Change

Richard Kendrick
SUNY Cortland AmeriCorps - ARRA Supplementary Funds

Richard Kendrick
Eddie Hill
Chris Latimer
Lori Schlicht
Barbara Shiplett
John Suarez
The Bridge to the Future: Building on SUNY Cortland’s History of Engagement to Institutionalize High Impact Learning Practices for Transformational Change

Kimberly Kraebel
Summer Research Experiences - ARRA Opportunities for Undergraduates

Andrea Lachance
Elizabeth Klein

Teacher / Leader Quality Partnership Program, Year 1 of 5

Angela Pagano
Identification & Phylogenetic Comparison of Lumbricid Earthworms Using Molecular Genetics Approach
Drescher Award

Christopher McRoberts
David Collins
Robert Darling

Karen Downey
MRI: Acquisition of a Powder X-Ray Diffractometer to Enhance Faculty and Undergraduate Research and Education in Geology and Chemistry

Wendy Miller
David Miller

Steve Broyles
Peter Ducey
Larry Klotz

Amphibian and Reptile GIS Analysis - $75,000

Mecke Nagel
Seth Asumah
Training the Trainers: Advancing Scholarship and Pedagogy in Diversity

Gregory Phelan
Anne Burns Thomas
Mary Gfeller
Claus Schubert

Rena Janke
Larry Klotz

SUNY Cortland Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program

Frank Rossi
A Facile Method for the Preparation of Cell-permeable Caged Peptides Using Click Chemistry

William Skipper
SUNY Global Workforce Project

Catherine Smith
Advocacy in Action Tobacco Control Program

Henry Steck
Excellence in Mobility FIPSE
Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence Program

Brett Troyan
Legitimizing Ethnic Politics: A Historical Ethnography of the Colombian State in Cauca, Colombia from 1910-1991

The following list, includes current and past external grant awards at SUNY Cortland. Each section shows the investigator name(s) and project title.