Graduate Faculty Executive Committee

Meeting Minutes, 11. 14.06



L. Anderson, �M. Gonzalez, J. Governali, J. Hendrick, LeLoup, J. , J. Mosher, �E. Paterson [Voting Members]; �N. Aumann (Provost Representative) D. Margine (Registrar�s Office), Y. Murnane (Graduate Office) [Ex Officio]

Absent: C. Bell (sabbatical)


1. Meeting Minutes

����������� Meeting minutes from 10/31/06 were approved without additions or corrections.



2. Status of Information Gathering on Integrity Statement and NCATE/CORTLAND/TEC


����������� Governali reviewed the broad discussion and questions that had been raised relating to the GFEC�s request for compliance with the NCATE/CORTLAND/TEC template (which is noted as a requirement on the New Course Proposal Form) and inclusion of a College approved integrity statement.� Following receipt of information from a variety of offices and individuals, it seems clear that 1) there is no official College integrity statement, and 2) the integrity statement �requirement� is really a recommendation which appears to have as its source a memo to faculty� from the Provost (January 27,2004) in which she notes the following:


����������� ��I would urge you as faculty to ensure that you include an explicit statement on academic integrity on all of your syllabi.� It would also be advantageous to take �������� some time to discuss your expectations with regards to academic integrity with ��������� your students.�


There had been attempts to develop a College-wide integrity statement, but agreement could not be reached and it appears that an official statement to be included on syllabi was never developed.


There also appears to be a great deal of confusion about the NCATE/CORTLAND/TEC template; whether such a template actually exists; what comprises the elements of the template; what is required for teacher education syllabi; �and the status of a spring 2006 recommendation from the TEC regarding changes in syllabus requirements.� Given the state of campus confusion and the lack of a clear policy, the GFEC has decided not to evaluate syllabi in terms of teacher education requirements.� Any proposal approved by the GFEC which is related to teacher education will be forward to the TEC Curriculum Review Committee for evaluation.


3. History Department New Course Proposals


The History Department will be contacted about its proposals that were tabled (10/17/06) and information will be sought regarding� the rationale for course level.� Specifically:�

1) Are the courses only open to graduate students?� 2)If the courses are only open to graduate students, why don�t the courses have a 600 numbers, rather than 500 numbers?� The GFEC will review information received and action will be taken on the proposals.� (Note: The other items that led to the proposals being tabled were related to the above discussion on a syllabus template and an integrity statement.� Given the confused situation with these areas, the GFEC decided that they should not be criteria applied in acting on these proposals.)


4. Student Representation on GFEC


����������� Members will continue to solicit graduate student volunteers to serve as representatives on GFEC.


5. Culminating Activity Policy


����������� The Committee continued its discussion on a �Culminating Activity Policy� and reviewed a second draft of a proposed policy. �A third draft will be developed for review and will be finalized at the next meeting.� The proposed policy will be shared with Graduate Coordinators and Department Chairs following the next meeting of the GFEC.



Agenda Items


����������� 1. Culminating activity credit proposal

����������� 2. Letter from Bill Buxton (Chair, Literacy Department)

����������� 3. Proposal for a School of Graduate Studies




J.F. Governali




The next meeting of the GFEC will be November� 28, �at 11:00 AM