Graduate Faculty Executive Committee

Meeting Minutes, 10.03.06



L. Anderson, �M. Gonzalez, J. Governali, J. Hendrick, �, J. Mosher, �E. Paterson [Voting Members]; �N. Aumann (Provost Representative) D. Margine (Registrar�s Office), Y. Murnane (Graduate Office) [Ex Officio]

Absent: J. LeLoup, C. Bell (sabbatical)


1. Curriculum Change


����� New Course Proposals


����������� Recommend Approval


����������� EDU 548/EST 548: The Adirondack Classroom

����������������������� (Note: Standard letter grade should be indicated on the proposal ������������������������������� ����������� form)

����������� Tabled


����������� HLH 575: Teaching Health Education

����������������������� -Edit catalog description on course proposal form and in syllabus to �������������������������� make both consistent with the catalog

����������������������� -Include in catalog description the statement: �Also listed as EDU

����������������������������������� 575�.

����������������������� -Course schedule is missing from some of the copies sent to �������������������������������������� committee members (pages missing also included the �������������������������������������������� disability statement and academic honesty statement)

����������������������� -Include a syllabus for EDU 575 (the cross-listed course)


2. Thesis/Project Credit After Initial Registration


��� The Committee discussed a policy that has been proposed which would ���������� require students to register for some type of culminating activity credit �������� following their initial registration.� The issues that would be addressed ����������� through such a policy would be: 1) recognizing faculty workload as related ���� to culminating activities; 2) helping track students following initial registration; and 3) facilitating faculty engagement with an ongoing �������� culminating activity.� Margine shared information listing the different ����������� approaches to culminating activities across departments: credit ��������� generating, non-credit generating, counted as part of total course work hours, in addition to total course work hours, repeatable experience, non-������ repeatable experience, unclear culminating experience, etc.�� Following �������� discussion on the data presented, the Committee decided to follow ����������� Margine�s suggestion that a possible approach might be to establish a �� campus-wide course that could be used by all departments to indicate that ���� a student was working on completing a culminating graduate experience.� ���� As a possibility, she����������� suggested GRD 699: Graduate Completion.� This �������� would mean that �a student would sign up for the culminating experience and if not completed during that semester, the student would be required ������ to register for GRD 699: Graduate Completion in subsequent semesters ��������� during which he/she continues work on the experience. ��In order for the � GFEC to further assess the feasibility of this plan, Governali and Margine �������� will develop a more detailed proposal for review and which will address �������� issues such as follows:

����������� ����������� -credit vs. non-credit for the experience

����������� ����������� -fee structure

����������� ����������� -curriculum changes that might be needed for campus-wide ���������������������������������������� adoption of this proposal (e.g., Would all culminating ��������������������������������������������������������� experiences�� have to be credit generating?)

����������� ����������� -student compliance

����������� ����������� -role of departments and faculty in insuring student compliance


��� Committee members were asked to review the data distributed by Margine for accuracy as related to their departments.� Margine will also review the material for accuracy and a final draft will be developed to be reviewed by GFEC and shared with departments for possible use in their Graduate Program Reviews.� Committee members were also asked to generate questions that departments could use to guide their review of culminating experience requirements.�


Agenda Items:

����������� 1. Culminating activity credit proposal

����������� 2. Curriculum Change Guide (Note: information from the Faculty Senate indicates that we will receive the �final draft� of this proposal and comments will be due by October 20.� As soon as the document is received, it will be forwarded to committee members for review.� Because of the response date, this item will be discussed at our next meeting)

����������� 3. Proposal for a School of Graduate Studies (Note: Murnane will circulate this proposal to GFEC)

����������� 4. Graduate student representation on the GFEC (Item from 9/14/06minutes: �Yvonne Murnane will inform graduate students, through campus E-mail, of the opportunity to serve on the GFEC.� The GFEC requested that Dr. Murnane work with Computing Services to develop a graduate student contact list, in order to facilitate direct communication with graduate students.�)



J.F. Governali


The next meeting of the GFEC will be October 17, at 11:00����������� -