Graduate Faculty Executive Committee

Meeting Minutes, 01. 29.07



C. Bell, M. Gonzalez, J. Governali, J. Hendrick, �J. Mosher, �E. Paterson [Voting Members]; �N. Aumann (Provost Representative) D. Margine (Registrar�s Office), Y. Murnane (Graduate Office) [Ex Officio] , J. Walkuski (GFEC Representative to Faculty Senate)

Absent: L. Anderson, J. LeLoup


1. Meeting Minutes

����������� Meeting minutes from 1/29/07 were approved without corrections.


2.� Meeting Schedule of Spring 2007 was approved.


3.� Agenda Items for Spring 2007


����������� a. Non-matriculated student registration: Issues raised by Bill Buxton last semester were noted and will be a part of the Committee�s discussion this semester.�� Yvonne Murnane was asked to inform the Graduate Coordinators (at their upcoming meeting) about the GFEC�s examination of the area and to request� input that could be a part of the GFEC review (i.e., issues, problems, suggested modifications, questions, etc.).


����������� b. Program Revision: Masters of Science in Teaching, Childhood Education (Grades 1-6), and Extension for Middle Childhood Education:� The Committee briefly discussed the proposal and the problem of financial aid for students in the program who appear to be enrolling in course work which is intended to be counted for both an undergraduate and a graduate program.� In order to fully address the proposal and the financial aid issues, Cynthia Benton (Chair, Childhood/Early Childhood Education) and David Canaski (Director, Financial Advisement) will be invited to the next meeting of the Committee (February� 6).


����������� c. Culminating Activity Policy: The proposed GFEC Culminating Activity Policy is receiving campus review.� Chairs and coordinators were sent a reminder about the need for their reactions and another copy the proposed policy, with a due date of February 9.� The Committee will take up discussion of this issue at its February 19th meeting.


����������� d. Graduate Faculty Membership:� The Committee reviewed present policies relating to Graduate Faculty membership, recruiting of new members and a time table for review of applicants.� The following was decided:

����������������������� 1. The present policies do not seem to be in need of change.

����������������������� 2. The plan for this year will be to publish recruiting information during the

����������������������������������� fall, with the end of the semester as the deadline for applications.�

����������������������������������� Applications will be reviewed in the spring and new members will

����������������������������������� be announced by the end of the spring semester.


����������������������� 3. The plan for future years will be to publish recruiting information during

����������������������������������� the fall and spring semesters with the end of the spring semester

����������������������������������� as the deadline.� These applications will be reviewed at the

����������������������������������� beginning of the following fall semester.



Spring Semester Committee Meeting Dates

����������� Monday, January 29,� 12:00

����������� Tuesday, February 6,�� 1:00

����������� Monday , February 19, 12:00

����������� Tuesday, March 6, 1:00

����������� Monday, March 19, 12:00

����������� Tuesday, March 27, 1:00 (if needed)

����������� Monday, April 9, 12:00

����������� Tuesday, April 24, 1:00

����������� Monday, May 7, 12:00




J.F. Governali