Graduate Faculty Executive Committee


September 5, 2008



Present:� N. Aumann, M. Gerty, I. Jubran, D. Margine, J. Mosher, R. Ponterio, D. Videto, J. Walkuski



Last year�s Chair J. Walkuski convened this first organizational meeting.� After introductions of each member, discussion of the agenda occurred.�



Election of the Chair

����������� J. Walkuski was reelected Chair by unanimous affirmation!



Election of the Secretary

����������� As last year, the consensus was to rotate minute-taking among the Committee membership alphabetically by last name.



Liaison with Faculty Senate

����������� D. Videto will serve as the GFEC Faculty Senate representative.



Meeting Times

����������� Apparently, Friday between 10 and 11 a.m. is the most convenient time to meet for members.



Operational Procedures

����������� Also as last year, the agreement was to operate by consensus on all agenda items.



Approval of the May 12, 2008 Minutes

����������� Submitted by P. Summers and J. Walkuski, the minutes were approved unanimously.� Points of clarification involved:

*� AED 678 -- Questions had been answered following the meeting so that the �contingent pass� became a recommendation to the Provost, and the course is now part of the 2008-2009 catalog.

����������������������� *� EXS 549 -- Again, questions were answered following the meeting so

����������� that the �contingent pass� became a recommendation to the Provost, and the�

����������� course is now part of the 2008-2009 catalog.� With regard to the proposed new

����������� M.S. program in Coaching, however, questions continued about a 500-level

course designated as a culminating experience as well as about the nature of �research� for a graduate program.



Announcements and Future Agenda Items

����������� The meeting ended after several announcements and action/agenda items for the future:


        Due Dates for Curriculum Approval

Discussion has taken place about due dates for curriculum recommendations in reference to the timely production of the College catalogs.� Direction will soon be forthcoming from the Provost�s Office.


        XXX 697 � Continuous Enrollment Course

The Continuous Enrollment Course was further discussed, especially with regard to implementation.� The original reasons for the XXX 697 (student access to campus resources, recognition of faculty effort, tracking of student enrollment) were reiterated.� The effective date of implementation is fall semester 2008, and History and ICC � the only two departments currently without a

for-credit culminating experience � will finalize that experience this year for GFEC review and recommendation.

Discussion then focused on implementation of XXX 697, particularly in the situation of students taking a semester or a year away from the campus.� Consensus evolved about the following procedures with specific reference to the culminating activity as a comprehensive examination:

*� If a student failed the examination one semester, but enrolled the following semester, the student would register that examination course as a re-take.� For example, if a student failed HLH 653 in the fall semester, yet planned to take the examination the next semester, the student would register for HLH 653 as a re-take in the spring semester.

����������������������������������������������� *� Using the same example, if a student failed HLH 653 in

����������������������������������� the fall semester yet had other commitments in the spring semester,

����������������������������������� the student would enroll in XXX 697 in the spring semester for

����������������������������������� continuous enrollment and in HLH 653 as a re-take in the

����������������������������������� following fall semester.

����������������������������������� Agreed that discussion to be continued� .� .� .


        Changes in the GFEC Bylaws� --� DONE last spring semester


        Graduate Admissions Requirements and the Status of GRE Examinations

--� a future agenda item


        Program Review� --� a future agenda item


        Graduate Faculty Status

The Chair will draft an e-mail to the campus � after GFEC proofing � inviting all interested and eligible faculty to apply.


        Coordination of GFEC and EPC� -- a future agenda item





Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Aumann