corrected GFEC minutes from 11/29/07

GFEC minutes drafted for 11/28/07


Present: Lynn Anderson, Dan Driscoll, Joy Mosher, Nicole Fredericks, Ellen Paterson, Jeff Walkuski, Yvonne Murnane, Ex. Officio;

Absent: Nancy Aumann, Donna Margine, Ex. Officio;  Ellen Jampole, Donna Videto.


  1. Minutes were approved as corrected by acclamation.
  2. Matrix draft agreed to by consensus. Nicole volunteered to help Jeff gather department information for the matrix. 
  3. There was discussion and review of the Provost�s Memo of May 31, 2007 and agreement that the mandate comes from the Provost and that GFEC would provide support to those four departments which need to develop a credit-bearing culminating experience as well as a continuous enrollment course. Yvonne handed out copies of the abbreviated one-page summary, �Graduate Culminating Activity Continuous Enrollment Policy,� and longer Rationale�policy, course description template, proposed course numbers, etc. It was recommended that the Provost�s office redistribute the full document to department chairs with copies to the graduate coordinators. Dan asked for some clarification for the mathematics program which no longer has a thesis but does require a comprehensive exam.
  4. Jeff talked about the need to revise the handbook to eliminate seat 2 for the psychology department which no longer has a grad program. Yvonne will send draft mail ballot to the GFEC members before it goes out to all grad faculty as required. The other change is to allow self-nomination at any time and to put out a call in both spring and fall for membership (section C.3, p. 13). GFEC would review and act on membership in a continuous manner. Jeff also distributed a memo from Bill Buxton, Chair, Literacy, concerning restrictive membership that ��limits involvement of faculty with expertise in graduate program.�
  5. Two new course proposals from physics and health were briefly considered and Jeff will follow-up with Richard Wheeler, Chair, of Physics with a question about whether PHY 550 is not open to students who took 150. Jeff led the group in laughing yoga exercise inspired by the �Humor Education for Teachers�, Hlth 525. These two courses will be discussed at the next scheduled meeting on December 5 if there is a quorum; need 5/9 GFEC members.




Notes drafted by Ellen Paterson, 11/29/07