Spring 2008, GFEC

Minutes from February 04, 2008

Present at meeting:� Joy Mosher;� Nancy Aumann;� Donna Videto;� Pamela Summers;� Daniel Driscoll; Jeffrey Walkuski;� Ellen Paterson; Yvonne Murnane

Not present:� Donna Margine; Lynn Anderson

1.         �Approval of minutes from 11/28� - minutes were approved with one minor spelling change.� Ellen Paterson will make the change and resend the minutes.

2.       Discussion of Speech Pathology & Audiology�s EDU 596.� The course was approved after a discussion as to why the course was not submitted as a 600-level course.� The reason for the course not being submitted at the 600-level was due to the issue of shared resources, therefore the course must be a 500-level course.� There was some discussion concerning making a change on the Edu 496 syllabus attached to the application and the change was in regards to wording on page one making reference to the graduate student.� Jeff will contact the Speech Pathology and Audiology Department and request the wording change.�

3.        Discussion of a program alteration for the MS in Communication Disorders from Speech Pathology and Audiology.� The changes submitted to the GFEC were approved after a discussion on externships.���

4.       Discussion of revisions to the GFEC bylaws:

a.       Proposed alteration for Chapter 150.04, Article IV, Section A, Item 2 - Discussion regarding an alteration in the present text of the bylaws in reference to seat 2, a member of the graduate faculty elected by and from the Psychology Department.� Because there is no graduate program in the Psychology Department that wording was dropped from the text.� Consensus from the GFEC recommends the following to move forward to the Graduate Faculty for possible validation: �One member of the graduate faculty elected by and from the Departments of English, History, International Communications and Culture�.����

b.       Proposed alteration for Chapter 150.04, Article IV, Section C, Item 3 � Discussion regarding the review and acceptance of applications for graduate faculty membership.� Consensus from the GFEC recommends the following revised wording: �Accept applications for Graduate Faculty Status throughout the academic year while reviewing and acting on these applications as part of the regular business of the Executive Committee.�� The recommended change would allow faculty to apply for membership at any time during the academic year versus during a limited time-frame.� This change was sent forward for possible validation by the Graduate Faculty.�

5.       Discussion of questions raised by the Graduate Studies Office leadership (Yvonne & Peter):

a.       Regarding allowing a graduate student to student teach with a GPA below the 3.0 that is required the GFEC felt that this was most likely a TEC policy and strong wording regarding this issue should appear in graduate materials and documents.�

b.       Regarding allowing students to transfer into their grad program two courses versus 6 credits.� Consensus supported the current policy of six credits as the maximum number of transfer credits as this tends to be standard across the country.

c.       Regarding concerns about students being admitted without a teaching certificate (on a provisional basis) and finishes all coursework and still does not produce a teaching certificate.� We also have cases where a student might lose their teaching certificate while working on their graduate degree.� The GFEC suggests that the graduate policies that appear in print should be worded� with the following statement �have and maintain a valid teaching certificate.�

6.       The next meeting of the GFEC will be on Monday 2/25 at 3pm in Miller 228.


Minutes were written and submitted by Donna Videto on Friday, February 08, 2008