Graduate Faculty Executive Committee

SUNY Cortland

May 12, 2008



1. Minutes for 03/31/08 APPROVED with no changes. Minutes for 05/05/08 ACCEPTED WITH CHANGES


2. Review of new course proposal � EXS 549 � contingent pass based on clarification of the research project being an individual project as opposed to the group project found in EXS 449


3. Review of New Program Proposal � Kinesiology Department, Master of Science in Coaching.


TABLED.� Discussion centered around the research core or seemingly lack thereof.�� Basic questions: What does a Masters of Science mean?� Should a MS have a research methods course?� Should a research component be demonstrated throughout the program?


Suggestions were made regarding the name of the degree in light of the proposed degree designation as MS, within the SUNY system , there is a Masters in Professional Studies designation and perhaps the Department of Kinesiology would consider this degree title change.� Concerns also revolved around the use of the term �culminating activity� to describe a 500 level course.� Both of these suggestions and concerns will be relayed to the Department of Kinesiology by the Chair


4. Review of new course proposals associated with item # 3 � EXS 613, EXS 660, EXS 671 and alteration of existing course � EXS 551.


Put on hold until response from the Department of Kinesiology is made regarding item #3 above.


5. New course proposals � AED 578 and AED 678.


AED 578 was approved.

AED 678 � contingent pass based on further clarification of the course description to ensure that it does not simply mirror AED 697.� Resolution:� clarification provided and proposal forwarded to the Provost


6.� Alteration of existing courses � AED 576, AED 577 and PHY 530.


All alterations to AED 576, AED 577 and PHY 530 were approved


7. Alteration to existing programs � MAT_AEN Program and MSEd _AEN Program.


All alterations to the MAT_AEN Program and MSEd _AEN Program were approved.


8. Additional Business �


MAT 680 approved

HIS 622 � contingent approval based on submission and approval� of Form 5 (Program Alteration) as this course is being added as an option to an existing program.




The meeting minutes were taken by Pamela F. Summers and Jeff Walkuski