Graduate Faculty Executive Committee


October 17, 2008



Present:� N. Aumann,� I. Jubran, J. Mosher, R. Ponterio, P. Summers, D. Videto, J. Walkuski


Approval of Minutes from 9/5/08:


Submitted by N. Aumann , the minutes were approved unanimously.�


Student Enrollment in Graduate Programs:
















GRE Requirement for Addmission into Graduate Programs:




GFEC 2008/2009 Meeting Schedule:


Fall 2008:

        September 5

        October 17

        November 21

        December 19


Spring 2008:

        January 30

        February 6

        March 20 at 11:30

        April 3

        April 17

        May 1


Assuming no changes are needed in the Spring, all meetings will be held in Miller 228 at 10:00 a.m, with the exception of March 20, 2009.








Respectfully submitted,

Isa S. Jubran