Graduate Faculty Executive Committee


September 27, 2007


Members Present: Lynn Anderson, Wes Weaver, Ellen Jampole, Jeff Walkuski, Joy Mosher, Donna Videto

Ex Officio Members Present: Yvonne Murnane, Donna Margine, Nancy Aumann

Members Absent: Ellen Patterson (excused)

Empty Seats: Math/Science; Student


1.� Minutes:� Approved the minutes from 9-17-07 with corrections (motion, Jeff, second, Joy). Yvonne, who served as note-taker for the 9/17 meeting, will make corrections and recirculate.�


Procedural Note: It was decided that the note-taker for a particular set of minutes will make corrections in italics and recirculate to all committee members via e-mail.


2.� Chair Election:� We voted by ballot for the committee chair position. It was a split vote for Jeff and Joy/Ellen J.(as co-chairs). We will revote at the next scheduled meeting by ballot, when all seats are filled. The two members who cannot attend the next meeting will leave their votes in a sealed envelope with Donna Margine, to be counted at the next meeting.


3.� Student Representative:� After discussion we agreed to forward names of interested and qualified graduate students by email to other committee members. Each of us will contact potential committee members, especially among our graduate assistants, to determine interest in serving.� We will choose among the names at the next meeting.


4.� Seat One (Math/Science):� Yvonne shared one nominee�s name from the Math Department.� We agreed to ask Dan Driscoll if he will serve in Seat One, completing the term of Carol Bell, who has left the university.


5.� Faculty Senate Representative:� We agreed to table this decision to the next meeting, when all seats are filled.


6.� Charge on Graduate Program Review from Provost:� Ellen J. shared the motion passed unanimously at the Graduate Coordinators Meeting:

�One program review is enough. This is an issue that was dealt with all last year by the graduate coordinators. No program should do more than one review per five years, whether this review is an internal review or external accrediting body review.�

The Graduate Coordinators� motion aligns well with our discussions so far.� We again discussed the validity of the Provost�s charge to the GFEC and what the role of GFEC should be in program review. �We clarified that the role of GFEC is to help facilitate policy development (that contains criteria), not procedural implementation of policy (e.g., policy versus process).� We will continue this discussion at our next meeting.


7.� Curriculum Proposal:� Yvonne disseminated a curriculum proposal from the RLS Dept. (new course proposal: REC 570), which was submitted last May. To be acted on at the next meeting.


8.� Next Meeting:� We set our next meeting as October 4 (Thursday) at 7:30am in Park Center E304.� Agenda will include:�

       Elect chair

       Choose graduate student representative

       RLS curriculum proposal

       Determine regular meeting time

       Continued discussion of graduate program review charge


Respectfully submitted:� Lynn Anderson (note-taker of the day)