February 20, 2009


Present: �Nancy Aumann, Mariah Gerty, Ellen Jampole, Isa Jubran, Donna Margine, Joy Mosher,
Bob Ponterio, Jeff Walkuski

Special Guests in Attendance: Adam and Trevor Jubran

Absent:� Pamela Summers, Donna Videto


Review of Minutes:� February 13, 2009 minutes submitted by Ellen Jampole were approved.


1.) Curriculum:
All changes were made to complete the new program proposal put forward from Foundations and Social Advocacy for the Master of Science in Education � Teaching Students with Disabilities 7-12 (MSED _TSD_7-12).

2.) Discussion regarding Accountability:

The balance of the meeting centered around a most engaging discussion regarding �Accountability� that began at the meeting held on February 13. A title change to the document circulated was proposed by Joy Mosher for consideration to be �Rights, Responsibility and Recognition.�


The following items reflect the spirit of the discussion:

        How or what is the best way to disseminate this document for review and discussion ?

����������� - President�s Cabinet and Council
����������� - Provost�s Cabinet and Academic Affairs Council

����������� - Chairs Council

����������� - Faculty Senate

����������� - Unions: UUP and CSEA


        The tenor of the document is not just graduate faculty related, but truly speaks campus wide to all levels and disciplines to what individuals are feeling at Cortland. Taking a wide approach (especially two pronged, both up and down) to multiple levels and venues should be considered in reaching out.


        The timing is right to share this information as we ask the questions �What is Cortland ? � �What should Cortland be ?� This will potentially align with discussions that are currently starting across campus addressing the Strategic Plan and Cortland�s Long Range Planning Document.


        There needs to be a proposal sent out to collect comments from faculty willing to share their answers to the questions contained in the document. These questions can be categorized into four themes: communication, expectation, morale, and identity. Joy offered to develop an introduction for the document in preparation for distribution.

Next meeting: Scheduled for Friday, February 27, at 10:00 am in the Registrar�s conference room.

Meeting adjourned, minutes respectfully submitted by Donna Margine������������������������������������������ ����������������������� �����������������������