Graduate Faculty Executive Committee

Meeting Minutes 5. 7. 07



L. Anderson, C. Bell , M. Gonzalez , J. Governali, J. Hendrick, �J. Mosher; [Voting Members]; N. Aumann (Provost Representative); D. Margine (Registrar�s Office), Y. Murnane(Graduate Office) [Ex Officio]


Absent: J. LeLoup , E. Paterson, J. Walkuski (GFEC Representative to Faculty Senate)�


Guests: Regina Grantham, Eileen Gravani� (Speech Pathology and Audiology)



1. �Recommend Approval:


Proposed Master�s of Science in Communication Disorders


The Graduate Faculty Executive Committee recommends approval of the proposed Master�s of Science in Communication Disorders from the Speech Pathology and Audiology Department.� The approval is contingent on catalog changes and a modification in one course.�


Catalog Changes:�


1. On page 3 of the catalog document, a new letter �D� should be added and

����������� should read as follows:


����������� D. Culminating Experiences (Select One)

����������������������� -Master�s Thesis� ( 3-6 credit hours)

����������������������� -Comprehensive Examination


2. On page 3 of the catalog document, SHH 689 Master�s Thesis (3) should be

����������� deleted, as it will be included under� �Culminating Experiences�


3. On page 3 of the catalog document, the electives in section �C� should read as

����������� follows:


C. Electives: Select one (3 credit hours)


Course Change: SHH 689: Master�s Thesis in Communication Disorders


����������� 1. The credits should be changed from 3 credits to �3-6 credits� and the course should not be repeatable.� The catalog description should reflect these changes.

����������� 2. The catalog description should add �successful� before defense of a master�s thesis and should read as follows:

This course is for the development and the successful defense of a master�s thesis.� Open to students in the MS program in Communication Disorders.� Prerequisite: SHH 679.� (3-6 credits).


The GFEC recommends approval of the following courses which are a part of the proposed program:


1.       SHH 640, Clinical Practicum and Seminar: Clinical Issues

2.       SHH 641, Clinical Practicum and Seminar: Muliculturalism

3.       SHH 642, Clinical Practicum and Seminar: Counseling

4.       SHH 643, Clinical Practicum and Seminar: Instrumentation

5.       SHH 645, Externship in Communication Disorders

6.       SHH 646, Practicum in an Educational Setting

7.       SHH 650, Cleft Palate, Craniofacial Disorders and Genetics

8.       SHH 651, Multiculturalism and Bilingualism

9.       SHH 652, Early Intervention in Speech Language Pathology

10.   SHH 668, Language Disorders � Birth to 5 Years

11.   SHH 669, Language Disorders � School-Age

12.   SHH 670, Phonology and Articulation Disorders

13.   SHH 671, Voice Disorders

14.   SHH 672, Fluency Disorders

15.   SHH 673, Communication Disorders in Adults

16.   SHH 674, Neuromotor Speech Disorders

17.   SHH 675, Augmentative and Alternative Communication

18.   SHH 676, Dysphagia

19.   SHH 677, Advanced Diagnostics

20.   SHH 679, Research Methods

21.   SHH 681, Advanced Speech Science

22.   SHH 683, Auditory Disorders

23.   SHH 689, Master�s Thesis in Communication Disorders (Contingent approval based on changes noted above)


2. Contingent Approval:


Request for Alteration of Existing Course


EXS 650 Master�s Thesis:� Change semester hours from 6 to 1-6 and revise course description


The Committee recommended to the Exercise Science and Sport Studies Department that the description be� condensed to read as follows:


Develop research proposal, conduct research, write thesis, and orally defend thesis.� May be repeated for unlimited credit but only a maximum of six credit hours may count towards the 30 credit hours required for the degree. S/U grading.� Prerequisites:� Candidacy and consent of department (1-6 cr. hr.)


The material deleted from the proposed catalog description alteration should be included in the catalog under letter �D�� Culminating Activity.



3.� Culminating Activity Policy


The Committee reviewed a draft of a letter from Governali to the Provost that will accompany its recommendation for the proposed culminating activity policy.� A change was suggested which will be circulated to Committee members before the letter and proposed policy is sent to the Provost.�



4. GFEC Elections


Murnane shared last year�s election ballot material with the Committee and the following was determined for this year�s election:


One Year Terms


Seat 1 ����������� Biology, Chemistry Geology, Physics, Mathematics (Carol Bell�s

����������������������������������� unexpired term)

Seat 6� ���������� Physical Education, Exercise Science and Sport Studies (balance

����������������������������������� Committee in terms of staggered terms)


Two Year Terms

Seat 2 ����������� English, History, ICC

Seat 3 ����������� Early Childhood/Childhood Education and Foundations

Seat 4������������ Literacy and Educational Leadership

Seat 5 ����������� Health and Recreation and Leisure Studies

No Elections

Seat� 7����������� Library and Departments Without Graduate Programs

Seat 8������������ At Large From All Graduate Faculty



Many thanks to the 2006-2007 GFEC for a productive year!



����������������������������������� ����������������������������������� �� Submitted:��� Joseph F. Governali

Chair GFEC, 2006-07