MINUTES May 5, 2008

Members Present: J. Walkuski, Y. Murnane, D. Videto, J. Mosher, D. Driscoll, D. Margine, N. Aumann, E. Paterson, L. Anderson, N. Fredericks, P. Summers. Absent: none


Ellen Patterson sent the minutes electronically for the 3/31/08 meeting to members. She will resend them to members and we will approve the minutes at the next meeting.


Not all members had the complete proposal for the MS Coaching program. Copies were made and distributed at the meeting. The proposal will be discussed at the next GFEC meeting. It is also recommended that all proposals be sent hard copy to better ensure that members have a complete proposal.


HIS 622, US Labor Radicalism is an addition to the US elective area. A program alteration form (#5) needs to be submitted to Jeff Walkuski. Jeff will contact the Department Curriculum Committee and the School Curriculum Committee for signatures on the form. Accepted as a contingency approval based on the completion of the #5 form.


MAT and MSED English submitted an alteration of an existing program to remove the comprehensive exam. Accepted.


MSED Health Program, alteration to an existing program, with a change to 31 credit hours as a minimum and 37 hours maximum. Accepted.


HLH 653, Comprehensive Examination in Health Education. This is the one credit bearing comprehensive exam needed for the continuous enrollment policy. Accepted. A reminder to include the disabilities and academic integrity statements, and to correct some typos in the course syllabus.


Health MST Program, Tracks A, B and C. This is an alteration of an existing program to add one credit for the comprehensive exam to each of the three tracks. Track A will be 31‐ 37 credits, Track B will be 35 � 41 credits, and Track c will be 50 � 56 credits. Accepted.


EXS 549, Advanced Motor Behavior. This is a shared resources course, and to discuss the course, the undergraduate EXS 449 syllabus is needed. This will be discussed at the next GFEC meeting.


AED 578, AED 678, AED 576, AED 577, PHY 530. Not all members received the course and alteration of program proposals. This will be discussed at the next GFEC meeting.


Next meeting is May 12 at 3:00 pm in Miller 228.


Respectfully submitted by Yvonne Murnane