GFEC Minutes 3/31/08


Present: Donna Videto, Donna Margine, Ex Officio, Peter McGinnis, Ex. Officio, Dan Driscoll, Nicole Fredericks, Jeff Walkuski, Ellen Paterson, Joy Mosher


Absent: Lynn Anderson, Pamela Summers, Nancy Aumann


  1. Minutes approved as clarified, i.e, Donna Margine about course withdrawal forms.
  2. Jeff distributed copies of what was sent in campus mail concerning amendments to bylaws and demonstrated web site access to those same documents; exercise science changed to kinesiology. April 14, 2008 is the last day for any changes to the handbook; ballot also distributed.
  3. Jeff will re-send Matrix to department chairs with copies to the GFEC members.
  4. Donna Margine showed paper samples of the undergraduate course withdrawal forms, Peter McGinnis showed graduate course withdrawal forms, and Jeff demonstrated online access to both undergraduate and graduate course withdrawal forms; it was noted that the instructor is not required for graduate forms and that Graduate Studies be asked to be sure that a copy is returned to the graduate program or department so that they are informed. It was also noted that a delay can make a difference in terms of refund amount to the student.
  5. Peter McGinnis pointed out some overlap in duties and general responsibilities between the Educational Policies Committee and GFEC. See College handbook part one, chapter 150, article 7 and article 8, 150.04, article 2. GFEC has had representation on the EPC, but has not officially designated a member. Questions were raised about overarching college policies that apply to both graduate and undergraduate programs, but some policies are different. Jeff will contact the EPC Chair, Richard Kendrick.


Respectfully submitted, Ellen Paterson, drafted 4/1/08