SUNY Cortland

Spring 2008, Graduate Faculty Executive Committee

Minutes of February 25, 2008




Present at meeting: Nancy Aumann; Daniel Driscoll; Nicole Fredericks; Ellen Paterson; Pamela

Summers; Donna Margine; Yvonne Murnane; Donna Videto; Jeffrey Walkuski


Not present: Lynn Anderson, Joy Mosher


1. Approval of minutes from 02/04/08


2. Discussion of the request to change the deletion of the course � EDA 687. DM provided a

historical perspective of the course, which was part of the coursework found in the Education

Administration Department (now no longer in existence). All EDA prefixes were deleted,

with all viable courses moved forward. The course in question was terminated in the summer

of 2000. After discussion by the committee members, it was decided that the request would

be denied. JW will write the Dean of the School of Education and will suggest the following:

a �new� course should be put forward as a new 600 level course with a new title. Adherence

to the College Curriculum Guide procedures will also be stressed within the memo.


3. The request to delete the MSEd program � Reading Teacher housed in the Department of

Literacy was discussed. JW reported that Dean Porter had assured him that no students

remained in the major based on a search conducted by his office. The committee agreed to

approve the deletion of the program contingent upon a final search for any remaining

students enrolled in the program performed by the Graduate Studies Office.


4. Continuous Enrollment Course � the discussion focused on the role of both the Provost�s

Office and the Graduate Studies Office in the implementation and timing of the policy.


It was agreed that these two offices hold the responsibility for these aforementioned tasks.

Initially, the Provost�s Office will need to contact all graduate coordinators and chairs

regarding the policy, the Chair of the GFEC offered any assistance in the process. Concern

was expressed regarding the need to expedite the creation and approval of the continuous

enrollment course by all of graduate programs. It was suggested that a �generic� template be

created for the continuous enrollment course with each School being presented with the

template. Each School would �sign off� on the template, only altering the prefix of the

course for each respective program. This approved template could then be forwarded by the

Provost�s Office to the appropriate State agencies for final approval (the consensus was that

this would be a minor program change for all involved and only reflected an administrative

alteration as opposed to a curricular or programmatic change).


It was also noted that the following four programs must develop credit bearing culminating

experiences along with the continuous enrollment course:


History - MA History, MSEd Adolescence Education: Social Studies�Geography (Grades

7-12), MSEd Adolescence Education: Social Studies�History (Grades 7-12).


Health - MST Health Education and MSEd Health Education.


Math - MAT Adolescence Education: Mathematics (Grades 7-12), MSEd Adolescence

Education: Mathematics (Grades 7-12).


International Communications and Culture - MSEd Adolescence Education: Second

Language Education�English as a Second Language (Grades K-12); MSEd Adolescence

Education: Second Language Education�French (Grades 7-12); MSEd Adolescence

Education: Second Language Education�Spanish (Grades 7-12); MSEd Adolescence

Education: Second Language Education: Non-certification English as a Second Language.




** Please note: Items 5, 6, and 7 will be moved to the meeting of 03/17/08.



The next meeting of the GFEC will be on Monday 3/17 at 3pm in Miller 228.



Submitted by Jeff Walkuski 03/14/08.