Graduate Faculty Executive Committee MINUTES

November 14, 2007



Members Present: Lynn Anderson, Dan Driscoll, Nicole Fredericks, Ellen Jampole, Joy Mosher, Ellen Paterson, Donna Videto, Jeff Walkuski

Ex Officio members Present: Yvonne Murnane

Members Absent: Nancy Aumann, Donna Margine (ex officio)

Empty Seat: #2 Eng/Hist/ICC


1.                   Minutes: Approved the minutes from 10-19-07 by consensus


2.                   Student Representative: Nicole Fredericks, graduate student in Physical Education (Adaptive PE) and graduate assistant was introduced as the student representative to the GFEC.


3.                   Program Review: As decided by consensus in the previous meeting, the GFEC will not develop a procedure for program review, but will collect and summarize information received from graduate programs and provide a summary to the Provost. Jeff Walkuski will develop a matrix to summarize information, which will include a section for any comments sent by graduate program coordinators. The matrix will be circulated to members, for comments/suggestions.

����������� �����

����������� ����� Information/documentation received from graduate programs, so far was

� ��������� ������distributed, for review by members. In the next meeting, the committee will

����������� ����� complete the matrix (on a laptop) for program materials received, so far. The

����������� ������ process will continue as more information is submitted.


4.       New continuous enrollment course: No action until Donna Margine can attend, to contribute to the discussion (per her request). The course proposal (to be implemented for new students entering F 08) will follow normal curriculum procedure. Lynn Anderson volunteered to do the new course proposal.


5.       Seat Two: (Eng/Hist/ICC/PSY): Jeff will follow up with Wes Weaver regarding a possible replacement for him.


����������������������� The Committee needs to revise the bylaws:

         Correct Seat Two, since Psychology no longer has a graduate program.

         Change the annual call and review of applications for graduate faculty status to a rolling call and review, fall and spring.


6.       Course Schedule: A Question was raised regarding posting winter and summer classes before contracts are signed. This has been problematic (both sides) in the past. It is not a concern for GFEC.


7.       Next meetings: November 28th, 3:00, Miller 228: December 5th,


         Report and completion of program review matrix, so far.

         Please send spring schedule to Jeff Walkuski so he can determine a spring semester meeting.


Respectfully submitted: Joy Mosher (note taker of the day).