October 4, 2007



Present:� Lynn Anderson, Nancy Aumann, Ellen Jampole, Donna Margine, Yvonne Murnane, Jeff Walkuski, Wes Weaver



Absent:� Dan Driscoll, Joy Mosher, Ellen Patterson, Donna Videto



Refreshments:MANY THANKS TO YVONNE for providing refreshments for the meeting!!




The minutes of the September 17 meeting were approved unanimously.



Election of the Chair:

With four voting members present, and counting three absentee ballots, Jeff Walkuski was elected the new chair of GFEC.



Student Representative to GFEC:

Lynn Anderson, Ellen Jampole, and Jeff Walkuski indicated the following graduate students as interested in becoming the student representative:


����������������������������������� Michael Anderson (Recreation and Leisure Studies)

����������������������������������� Bethany Sopchak (Literacy)

����������������������������������� Nicole Fredericks (Physical Education)


All the students were described as interested, yet no one would be upset if not chosen; so, since meeting times could present conflicts, the students would be re-contacted once those meeting times are established.


����������� A related topic with regard to student representation concerned the need to achieve a quorum and the possible student perception of �pressure� from a faculty member to vote a certain way.� Last year the College Curriculum Review Committee forwarded a proposal to provide student representation with a voice but without a vote, as is already the case with administrative ex officio members.� That proposal is currently part of the Review of Governance effort through Faculty Senate.� GFEC may or may not want to consider this approach.




Meeting Time(s) and Committee Procedures:

����������� After polling those members present, Friday afternoon appeared to be the best time to convene.� Although the next meeting is scheduled for Friday, October 19 at 12:30 p.m., Jeff Walkuski will contact all members and develop a spreadsheet of available times.


����������� As far as procedures, there was a question of operating by consensus or by vote.� Everyone agreed to proceed by consensus unless an issue was deemed as needing an official vote.



Consideration of REC 570 as a New Course:

����������� Although there was no quorum, the decision was to discuss REC 570 in order to provide some preliminary feedback.� The course has been taught as a special topics offering, and suggested revisions to the course were given by GFEC in spring of 2006.� Some observations-questions-issues about the course that were identified at this meeting included:


        The number of pre-requisites or co-requisites seems high.� Would there be one or two indicated courses that would serve as �gate-keepers� for REC 570?

        What types of activities are planned prior to the Raquette Lake experience?

        Considering REC 570 is designated as a �shared resources� course, which assignments distinguish undergraduate credit from graduate credit?� For example, if the �extra� graduate assignment is the stated fifteen-page paper, is that paper enough to credit three hours of graduate work when many undergraduate � and especially undergraduate WI � courses require that level of writing?

        Since leadership is identified as one of the major learning outcomes of the course, how are expectations of leadership for undergraduate vs. graduate students delineated?


Lynn Anderson will discuss the above concerns with the department and clarify at the next GFEC meeting.



Next GFEC Meeting:� 12:30 p.m. on Friday, October 19 in Miller Building 228 (Registrar�s Conference Room).



Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Aumann