Graduate Faculty Executive Committee

Meeting Minutes, 10.31.06



L. Anderson, �M. Gonzalez, J. Governali, J. Hendrick, LeLoup, J. , J. Mosher, �E. Paterson [Voting Members]; �N. Aumann (Provost Representative) D. Margine (Registrar�s Office), Y. Murnane (Graduate Office) [Ex Officio]

Absent: C. Bell (sabbatical)


1. Meeting Minutes

����������� Meeting minutes from 10/17/06 were approved without additions or corrections.



2. Curriculum Change Guide


����������� Anderson, GFEC Co-Liaison to the EPC, reported that the EPC had reviewed campus reactions to the proposed Curriculum Change Guide and that the GFEC recommendations were accepted.


3. Curriculum Proposals


����������� Governali reviewed the request for additional information from the History Department related to GFEC comments about the tabled curriculum proposals.� Governali will contact TEC officials for up-to-date information about the TEC/Cortland/NCATE Template/Guidelines (take your pick on terminology) and seek out information about an official college integrity statement.� There was some difference of opinion about the existence of such a statement.


4. Student Representation on GFEC


����������� Members will solicit graduate student volunteers to increase the size of the pool prior to making a final selection on a student representative.


5. Culminating Activity Policy


����������� The Committee continued its discussion on a �Culminating Activity Policy� and reviewed a first draft of a proposed policy. The following points were decided:


����������� -The proposed �culminating experience course� should be developed as a one credit course.� The idea of a fee rather than a one credit charge was rejected.� The question of fees that would be charged for such a course was discussed and more information will be sought.� Murnane offered to gather information about fees related to Mohawk Valley courses.

����������� -The GFEC will develop the framework for the �culminating experience course� and departments would be free to add information specific to their programs.

����������� -Margine indicated that �697� was an available course number and will develop a list of department prefixes for the number.

����������� -Discussion focused on how comprehensive examinations would fit into this policy and guidelines will be included in the next draft of the policy proposal.


Agenda Items:

����������� 1. Culminating activity credit proposal

����������� 2. Proposal for a School of Graduate Studies

����������� 3. Graduate student representation



J.F. Governali


The next meeting of the GFEC will be November� 14 at 11:00 AM