School of Education

Curriculum Committee Minutes

Proposals, Discussion, and Actions

Meeting of December 7, 2007

Cornish Hall, Room D218

11:00 a.m.


Present:� Marley Barduhn, William Buxton (for Pamela Summers), Mary Ware, Ed Caffarella, Susana Davidenko (via telephone)


Agenda:� There is no formal agenda for today�s meeting.� This being the first meeting for the School of Education for the 2007 � 2008 academic year, we will discuss appointment of a chair and next steps.� There have been no proposals for the School of Education to this point.


Plans for Curriculum:� Marley asked if the department representatives would give a brief overview of anything that may be coming from the departments in terms of proposals.


Childhood/Early Childhood � Susana explained that they are currently looking for proposals for their Service Learning components.� They are also looking at the requirement for 40 hours and ways to attach this requirement to a course.� They hope to have something prepared for the next catalog term.


Foundations and Social Advocacy � Mary indicated that their department will have something coming along possibly for the spring, but, most likely for next fall.� They do have an appeal for a minor.� This will come forward in memo form for approval and forwarding to the provost.


Educational Leadership � Nothing to report.


Literacy � Literacy will have several minor changes.� One was approved at their last department meeting.� They are focusing on changing pre-requisites and deleting the old reading program.� They will be looking at substantial changes in the master�s and the B-12 programs; however they will be lucky if they have this ready by late spring.


Electing a Chair:� Susana was unanimously nominated and elected.� Hesitant at first, she accepted, asking what is required.� Marley explained that she would convene meetings, sign proposals and work with Sheila on minutes and the forwarding of proposals to the proper next level committees.� Susana said that, with a little help from everyone she would be happy to chair the committee.

Other Business:� Mary spoke to the group about a course, EDA 687: Women in Educational Administration that had initially been developed in the Childhood Education Department.� This was later separated and became part of the Educational Leadership curriculum.� When Ed Leadership submitted its revised program, this course was deleted from the catalog, even though it was requested that it not be deleted.� The plan was to request an FSA prefix and keep the course.� If it had stayed in the catalog they could have done a minor change to change the prefix. �Now what they need to do is to appeal the deletion.� If that is approved, they would then be able to do a minor change to change the prefix.


Nancy Aumann has agreed to the wording of the appeal.� No one has spoken with Donna Margine yet, however, there shouldn�t be a problem at this level.� Ultimately, this will be a retraction of the deletion.� We can then proceed with the minor change to change the prefix.� Marley asked if they wanted to also change the level to a 500 level.� Mary said that they did, however, they don�t want to ask for too much.� They will look into reinstating the course first.� Once this is all approved, they can address changing the level.


It was asked who would take this course.� This would be for some undergraduate students (once the level is changed), students in Women�s Studies, those looking to take Business Administrator�s courses, etc.� A vote was taken and all agreed to proceed as discussed.� Janet Duncan will need to draft a memo to the dean recommending �undeleting� the course.� Once this is approved we can do a minor change to change the prefix to FSA.


Spring Meetings:� After a poll was taken, it was agreed that Monday afternoons at 2:00 pm would work for regular meetings on the Mondays opposite the Chair�s Council Meeting.� Pam Summers teaching schedule is MWF, 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, so this should work with her schedule as well.� Sheila will get the dates out to the committee.


The meeting adjourned at 11:23 am.



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