School of Education

Curriculum Committee Minutes

Proposals, Discussion, and Actions

Meeting of February 4, 2008

Cornish Hall, Room D218

2:00 p.m.


Present:� Marley Barduhn, Pamela Summers, Mary Ware, Ed Caffarella, Susana Davidenko


Agenda:� EDA 687; LIT 698; Deletion of Literacy Reading Program, Meeting Times


Minutes:� The minutes from the December 7 meeting were accepted as written.


EDA 687 � The proposal agreed upon for the appeal of the deletion of EDA 687 and the change in prefix to FSA was discussed.� This proposal has not yet gone forward.�� Sheila had prepared a course proposal form which is not the appropriate action.� It was agreed that a memorandum explaining the actions requested is necessary.� Sheila will prepare the memo for Susana�s signature and will forward it to the dean and the next levels for approval.


LIT 698 � Throughout the �justification� section, there is an �e� on �aide.� This needs to be corrected to read �financial aid� throughout the section.


In the �Change Existing Catalog Description� section, the prerequisites are listed as �all literacy courses; completion of 30-hour master�s program,� etc.� In the �New Description� section the courses are specifically listed.� Is this a discrepancy?� Also, it states that prerequisites are the completion of at least 27 hours of the master�s program including those specific courses.� The total number of hours is incorrect and needs to be changed to 21.� It was pointed out that Banner recognizes specific courses taken and uses this as a flag for prerequisites.� Can we find out if Banner can recognize hours completed as well and be used in the same manner?


Other areas of concern are that a graduate student needs at least six hours in order to be eligible for financial aid.� If a student takes this course in the last semester, they would have to take another course in order to receive aid.� The justification indicates that �it is possible to complete the portfolio if they are simultaneously taking only one additional class.�� This seems to indicate that the portfolio course could be taken as a co-requisite, however this is not mentioned in the new description.� If this is the case, the student could take six hours and be eligible for financial aid in their final semester.� It is vague and needs further clarification.� Pam will take the proposal back to the department.

Deletion of Literacy Reading Program � It has been confirmed that there are no students left in the program.� Susana asked if anyone had any questions or concerns about deleting the program.� There were none.� All were in favor and the proposal was approved for deletion.


Meeting Times - �Susana has a conflict with the scheduled meeting times.� The GE Curriculum Committee meets at the same time and she is a member of that committee as well.� After a brief discussion a common meeting time was agreed upon.� Meetings will be held on the opposite Mondays at 3:00 pm following the Chair�s Council Meetings.� Sheila will send out the amended schedule via e-mail.


The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 25, 2008 at 3:00 pm in Cornish D218.


The meeting adjourned at 2:35 pm.




Prefix #

Course Title

Requested Action







Women in Educational Administration


Appeal of Deletion; Change prefix to FSA


Janet Duncan prepared a memorandum explaining the background on how and why the course had been deleted.� Mary Ware clarified information and gave more details.� The course is still necessary for our students; however, it is more appropriately housed in Foundations.� Therefore, they are asking that the prefix be changed to FSA.









Master�s Project


Change in description


Typos for correction; clarification on issue of co-requisite versus pre-requisite during project; change in hours from 27 to 21 in new description


�Return to dept.





Deletion of Program




NYS no longer certifies this program; No students remain in the program