Q- I want to propose a course for a G.E. category.  How do I start?

A - All curriculum forms are now available via Curriculog.  Please go to cortland.curiculog.com to start a proposal. You may choose from the following forms, depending on level of review.

  • New Course form - use this form when creating a new course and wishing to add a GE attribute
  • Alteration of an Existing Course form - use this form to make edits to an existing course AND to add a GE attribute.
  • Adding/Deleting an Attribute to Existing Course - use this form when only requesting to add a GE attribute to an existing course (with no other edits being requested).  This form can also be used to add PRES, LASR and WRIT attributes to an existing course as well.

Go to the GE webpage for the guidelines for G.E. courses.  Since G.E. courses are identified by department, your department and department chair must agree to apply for a G.E. designation.


 Q - OK!  My department wants me to pursue the process for G.E. designation, but I noticed I must attach a course outline or syllabus.  What must I include in an outline or syllabus?

A - In addition to completion of the appropriate proposal form, attach a course outline which should list the subject topics to be addressed in the course.  If you prefer to attach a syllabus, then a complete syllabus with subject topics, attendance and evaluation policies, as well as statements on academic integrity and disability services must be submitted.


 Q - I am still not sure how to proceed.  Where else can I go for help?

A - Return to the curriculum website and select "General Education."  There you will see the names of the G.E. Committee members who can provide you with more advice.


Q - Is there a deadline to submit G.E. proposals?

A - Yes, please refer to the Curriculum Change Guide on the Curriculum webpage.


Q - Is it true that once the Provost has approved, my course for G.E. should automatically be included in next year's Catalog?

A - That is true for local G.E. categories 11 and 12 since those categories are distinctly part of the Cortland General Education Program.  To be part of the SUNY General Education Program (categories 1 through 10), final approval must be granted from SUNY System prior to inclusion in the Catalog.